When a loved one passes, the practicalities are overwhelming. Helping cover funeral costs can be daunting and all of these expenses might not have been planned for ahead of time. There is an option to help ease those burdens if you use miles from your United account in care packages mailed to family members left behind by following this simple process: Start with 1000 miles, spend it on any ticket that’s under $200 and include a card that tells them how much they’re worth (up to 1/1000th), then add cash or gift cards according to their needs.

One mile at a time can help connect family with dying relatives. Giving1000 United Miles can help you create a lasting legacy of support for your favorite charity or cause.

Giving1000 United Miles Can Help Connect Family With Dying Relatives

Giving 1000 United Miles Can Assist Families in Connecting With Dying Relatives

on January 5, 2022 by Gary Leff

‘How can I contribute miles to charity?’ is one of the most often requested inquiries I get. And the trouble is that you can’t unless you want to donate to one of a few pre-selected charities that your frequent flyer club supports, or you want to book an award for someone straight from your account.

Give a Mile is a non-profit that uses miles given by members to assist persons in need with air travel. They’ve only been able to work with Air Canada so far, but they now have a deal with United.


United Airlines created a website to allow organizations to campaign for miles from MileagePlus members just before the epidemic, and Give A Mile is presently raising 1,500,000 United miles to transport loved ones to see patients with terminal diseases. Through their Aeroplan agreement, they’ve given out over 750 flights in Canada.

“….You guys provided my brothers a final opportunity to meet our Mom before she became unconscious and died away,” recalls one past trip beneficiary. My brothers would not have had the opportunity to chat, pray, and sing with our mother and find closure if it hadn’t been for your kind assistance. God bless your generous, kind-hearted hearts for making all of this possible. “The time spent with my brothers in Vancouver provided my Dad, Mom, and the rest of my family the strength to realize we are one and to really understand the value of life since my mother’s life went away right in front of our eyes.”


You may donate anything between 1000 and 500,000 miles if you want to join. I’ve contributed as well.

They’ve come close to achieving their aim. The campaign is down to its last ten days. If they don’t collect another 750,000 miles, all of the committed miles will be returned to the contributors, leaving Give-a-Mile with nothing. As a consequence, another way to look at it is that every mile you provide right now is essentially “equaled” by others who have already contributed. Furthermore, the individual who donates the last 1000 miles essentially secures 1.5 million miles for the organization. So now is the ideal moment to dive in.

Give a Mile is a non-profit organization that does more than simply spend your miles. In order to link individuals with dying persons they care about, they engage with hospices, ICUs, and hospitals to clarify facts and ensure that Covid-19 guidelines and limits are followed. They do this as a voluntary effort, with all miles donated to the cause.

Hopefully, airlines will take into account the potential to donate to more charity — we’re frequently miles wealthy but cash poor. United deserves credit for creating this platform, and Give A Mile deserves praise for utilizing it to benefit those in need.

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