The US is in a recession, but Germany has experienced its own economic struggles. Despite this, Germans are welcoming American travelers and tourists to their country this year as they have been doing for centuries. The result? A tourism boom that could bring billions of dollars into the German economy while revitalizing America’s travel sector at the same time.

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Germany Encourages US Travelers To Visit This Year

The German National Tourist Office is inviting Americans to visit Germany this year, highlighting the country’s sustainability, responsibility, and cultural attractions in novel ways.

According to Amrei Gold, the GNTO’s director of public relations, Americans make up the vast majority of overseas visitors to Germany. Heritage tourism is the most common cause for leisure vacations to Germany, with about 40 million Americans claiming German ancestry. Overall, Germany is the third most popular tourist destination in the United States, after the United Kingdom and France.


What’s Hot Right Now

Reopening from COVID-19

The GNTO is developing numerous interesting new methods for tourists to connect with and learn more about Germany before they arrive, with international travel demand predicted to climb more this year than in the previous two years.

A webpage devoted to informing tourists about barrier-free lodgings and activities in Germany is one of these innovative techniques. The GNTO has established authorized lists of accommodations, attractions, and information for visitors with disabilities and their families, including anything from mobility issues to neurodivergence and more.

Similarly, it has launched a webpage devoted to sustainable and responsible travel in Germany, which includes a list of the most environmentally friendly lodgings, attractions, modes of transportation, cities, and more. Did you know that Berlin is a foodie’s paradise for vegans and vegetarians? Every year, it organizes a vegan and vegetarian cuisine festival, and it is home to the world’s first all-vegan grocery store chain!

The tourist association is also in the midst of voting for the new Top 100 Sights and Attractions in Germany; visitors who have visited the nation may vote for their favorites now until June 30, when the top 100 will be announced.

Additionally, the GNTO is harnessing technology and social media to provide educational experiences for tourists. People may now use AR technology on their phones to position themselves inside Germany’s most famous castles and palaces thanks to a new augmented reality application! Users may snap selfies in a virtual Neuschwanstein Castle, participate in historical quizzes, and more.

Switzerland and Germany with Oberammergau Passion Play Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the Schwangau region of Germany. (Photo courtesy of Collette)

Americans may now enter Germany if they have documentation of complete immunization, a recent recovery, or a recent COVID-19 test that is negative.

Please see our interactive map for additional information on current entrance requirements for Germany and other places across the globe.

Visit the GNTO website for further information about traveling to Germany.

Germany is encouraging US travelers to visit this year. The country is a popular destination for those seeking culture and history. Reference: germany tourist entry.

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