Tropical Storm Fred is currently a tropical storm and could make landfall in Florida as a hurricane on Saturday. While the storm is not expected to be a direct threat to the state, it is possible that it could make a direct hit, causing floods and power outages. While the storm is not expected to be a direct threat to the state, it is possible that it could make a direct hit, causing floods and power outages.

Tropical Storm Fred formed off the coast of Florida on Wednesday. The storm is expected to become a hurricane later this week. Although this storm is expected to weaken by Friday, flooding is still a possibility in the Keys. For cruise passengers, it is a good idea to check their itinerary and include a contingency plan, just in case.

Tropical Storm Fred is a concern for cruises in Florida and the Bahamas as a weeklong storm moves closer to the eastern United States. The storm is expected to strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane late Friday, then veer off to the east. It’s forecast to hit the Florida Keys on Saturday and continue west through the Caribbean and then the Bahamas.. Read more about us cruises and let us know what you think.

Tropical Storm Fred, which is presently moving through the eastern Caribbean and posing a threat to cruises over the weekend, has begun to affect cruise homeports in Florida. As it approaches the southeast Gulf of Mexico, the storm is expected to strike southern Florida.

The Cruise Industry Is Getting Ready for Fred

The cruise industry is just now beginning to recover, but hurricane season is approaching, with August and September usually being the busiest months. It’s unclear how this will affect vacations, particularly given that just a few ships are going again.

However, cruise ships with thousands of passengers are still cruising in the Caribbean. There’s also the problem of Florida homeports in Fred’s path, such as PortMiami, the world’s cruise capital, as well as Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and Port of Tampa.

STORM WATCH ALERT: Effective today, the Captain of the Port has declared Hurricane Port Readiness Condition Whiskey for PortMiami. If Tropical Storm Fred continues on its present path, Port Condition X-Ray will be declared, with further designations as required.

— August 11, 2021, PortMiami (@PortMiami)

Ports issued a storm warning notice on Wednesday, and the US Coast Guard has declared them to be in Port Condition WHISKEY. This indicates that preparations are being made for the Tropical Storm’s anticipated strong winds and floods in the next 72 hours. The ports will remain open during this period, including for cruise operations, although boats with a gross tonnage of more over 500 gross tons should begin making preparations to leave the port.

The US Coast Guard and ports will issue a Port Condition X-Ray on Thursday at 12:00 PM if Tropical Storm Fred continues on its present path. This implies that gale-force winds will hit within 48 hours, but the ports will stay open. The next level of port condition, YANKEE, will shut all incoming and outgoing traffic, including cruise ships.

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This weekend, Fred is anticipated to arrive in south Florida, which is often a busy period for cruise ship turnarounds. Some boats, particularly those based in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa, may be affected during this period. Tampa does not presently have any operational cruise ships due to cruise lines not yet running all ships.

Tropical Storm Fred’s Current Status

Tropical Storm FredTropical Storm Fred is on its way. (Photo courtesy of NOAA)

Fred has maximum sustained winds of 35 mph and is presently 275 kilometers southeast of Great Inagua Island, according to the National Hurricane Center (NOOA). The storm has been reduced to a tropical depression at this time. It is anticipated to become a tropical storm again when it travels away from the Dominican Republic and over warm water.

Despite the fact that Fred is not expected to become a hurricane, it will nevertheless bring strong winds, floods, heavy rain, and ocean waves. Cruise companies will certainly keep an eye on the storm’s progress and alter ship itineraries appropriately. Over the weekend, keep an eye out for ships returning or leaving from Florida, particularly on Saturday.

PortMiami, Florida

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