A flight attendant paid $1071 to replace the teeth of a woman who cleaned Charlotte Airport’s bathrooms.

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A flight attendant pays $1071 to replace a woman’s teeth who cleans the Charlotte Airport bathroom.

on July 28, 2021 by Gary Leff

This is an incredibly heartwarming story. Prieska Outland came upon a woman cleaning one of the bathrooms at the Charlotte airport. The woman was distraught. They to talking and beneath her mask were four missing teeth, and she was saving up to have them replaced. She had just 4% of the money she needed. And Ms. Outland verified the story, and paid the rest to the dentist to have it done.

According to Ms. Outland, she,

When I arrived in [Charlotte], I approached the restroom and saw four placards barring the entry. “How badly do I need to utilize it?” I wondered. “Can I hold it till I reach to my destination or should I stop right now?” I made the decision to call it a day.

When I entered the restroom, I saw an old lady cleaning up. “Yall simply don’t pay any heed to the indications,” she said.

“Actually, I did,” I said, “it said “CAUTION WET FLOOR,” not “CLOSED.”

“That implies the restroom is closed,” she said. I expressed my regret to her. At this point, all of the water I’d consumed was ready to leave my body. There was no reversing the decision. I promised her I’d get it done quickly. 🙏🏿

This was the woman’s “3rd time cleaning this restroom today, people are really horrible,” she added. Ms. Outland handed her $20 despite the fact that the airport no longer employs restroom attendants and tipping has become less common.

Ms. Outland goes on to say,

“Thank You So Much,” she replied, her eyes welling up with tears. Thank you very much for doing this.” I informed her that someone had given me $20 as a gift, and now I’m returning the favor.

Now “This is really a godsend since you provided it to someone who really needs it,” she added, her eyes welling up with tears. I’m putting money aside to get my teeth repaired. I just had all four of my front teeth extracted.” She pulled her mask down to reveal herself to me. “This money will now be put to my dental fund. I started with $41 and now have $61. I’m almost there.” I was fighting to hold back my emotions at that moment. She was ecstatic to get the $20. I inquired as to how much she was attempting to preserve. $1,071 was her answer.

She was told to pay it by a voice within her mind. She pondered whether it was a sign from God. So she inquired about the woman’s identity and obtained her and her dentist’s contact information. Then, as soon as she was out of the airport, she phoned the dentist to confirm the tale — and paid the cost in full. She then phoned the lady she’d just met to inform her of the situation.

I advised her to see a dentist to get her teeth repaired. “Whatchu you mean?” she inquired. I informed her that her dental bill had been paid in full. Simply make an appointment. She sobbed uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t stop thanking me and asked what she could do to show her appreciation. I urged her to be kind, smile a lot, and have a great day!

Ms. Outland isn’t simply a flight attendant. She’s an actress, a Zumba teacher, and a realtor in Atlanta who specializes in crash pads for airline employees.

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