False hijacking by a flight attendant in an attempt to avoid quarantine in Jamaica

Gary Leff at 14. February 2021.

JetBlue flight attendant Kalina Collier reported on social media that she was held hostage at a hotel in Jamaica. She arrived on January 28 and was due to arrive on the island on January 1. February. First she had to take the Covid 19 test, which came back positive.

Ms Collier tested negative for the second time, but the government insisted that the discrepancy would be resolved by PCR, which came back positive and was necessary to end a 14-day quarantine at the Ocean Coral Spring Hotel where she was staying. (The hotel reimbursed her for the rest of her stay, so she did not have to travel to a public facility.)

On the fourth. In February, she decided to share her story live on Instagram. She said she was being held hostage in a hotel and urged her followers to call the local embassy, immigration authorities in the United States and news outlets in New York to inform them of her situation.

You [Ocean Coral Spring] are getting money from the government to say you handled COWID-19 well, and I’m done with it. I’m going to sue that store, she wrote on Instagram.

She also claimed that her food had been withheld and that hotel staff had placed hidden cameras in her room that were in fact sprinkler systems. His video on Instagram went viral on social media and was viewed over 200,000 times. Following this statement, the hashtags #WhereIsKalina and #SaveKalinaCollier appeared on social media. Social media influencers, including Grenadian-American actress Amanda Seals and Jamaican artist Spice, also believed the allegations and spoke out about the incident.

But not everyone believed it.

It’s been his job since the fourth. February.
Does it look like you don’t like it? #KalinaCollar #KalinaCollarSong pic.twitter.com/9IfngTdB3

– Cadesbrezi (@kadeen__) 14. February 2021

A few days later, the flight attendant confirmed that she was fine, that she had not been kidnapped, and that she was not a hostage. She was released from quarantine today and flew home with her mother.

WARNING: Kalina Collier and her mother leave a car rental agency this morning before heading to Sangster International Airport for a flight to New York, US pic.twitter.com/ a3HBkZ6

– Nationwide90FM (@nationwideradio) February 14, 2021

Kalina Collier and her mother at Jamaica airport on spades.twitter.com/W9NBEDfotn

– BallerAlert (@balleralert) 14. February 2021

The uncertainty of the pandemic makes travel difficult. If you test positive for the Covid-19 test, you will need to be quarantined, which means an unpleasant and potentially expensive stay. This is one reason why even those who can travel stay home. This is the reality of travel today, and pretending to be hijacked when exposed to these demands can exacerbate your problems.

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