The Hyatt Hotels chain announced that they are extending their award expirations, making it easier for redemption. The company is also giving out points to loyal customers who ask. How this change could affect other companies and people alike remains uncertain

Hyatt is extending the expiration dates of their free night certificates. If you want to get a free night certificate, they are offering you points or an extension on your current certificate. Read more in detail here: hyatt free night certificate extension.

Expiring Awards? Hyatt Is Extending Them Or Giving You Points - If You Ask

Awards that are about to expire? If you ask, Hyatt will extend them or give you points.

on December 28, 2021 by Gary Leff

Free night vouchers from Hilton and Marriott have been extended. Hyatt hasn’t done so. They’ve even said that points would start expiring again on December 31st. However, they’ve quietly become much more liberal in terms of providing points for expired awards, and in some circumstances, even extending them when asked.

  • My concierge said they may give fresh room upgrades for expired suite upgrades. Also, if you earn 70, 80, 90, or 100 nights, you may choose between 10,000 points or a guaranteed suite upgrade voucher at each of these milestones. Wherever feasible (because a decision must be made within 90 days), I postpone the decision until the next calendar year, extending the certificate’s validity by a year. That will come in handy when it comes to make reservations for the following year before I requalify for status (e.g. making a May 2023 confirmed suite reservation in June 2022).


  • They’ve been awarding 10,000 points for expired category 1-4 certifications. They used to only provide points for certificates earned with a co-branded credit card, but this year they’ve expanded it to include all category 1-4 certificates (e.g. those earned for 30 elite nights and for staying at 5 unique brands for the first time). Some individuals claim to have had success receiving these extensions, however I’ve received more accounts of failure than success.
  • They’ve started awarding 20,000 points for expired category 1-7 certifications. A category 1-7 certificate can be redeemed for a free night worth up to 35,000 points (peak category 7), so it’s less valuable, but it offers more flexibility because a reward night booked with points can be upgraded to a suite, whereas a certificate cannot, and points can be used for more than just a free night (such as a suite upgrade).


  • My concierge first provided me 500 points per expired club access reward. Others have received 1000 or 2000 points as a reward. I’ve even seen a data point with a 3000 point value. One reader described their experience of contacting and pointing out that others had obtained more points – and the agent then spent about a minute typing, trying various quantities to see what ‘took,’ and he ended up with 2000 points per certificate. However, the greater quantities seem to be for Explorists (who in normal times might actually use them).

    Getting any points for expired club access rewards is particularly lovely considering these certificates were (mostly) meaningless for a Globalist to begin with. When club lounges are supplied without a certificate, globalists are given entry. It is not possible to transfer the certifications. As a result, they virtually invariably go unused. The only time it was used was when the status had expired (and had not been renewed) before the certificates had expired. As a result, they are free points. I’m certain that this policy will survive a few more months.


When a visitor has a problem, Hyatt, in my experience, does a wonderful job of taking care of them. However, it seems that they are keeping their prices down by not marketing the choice. It’s difficult to imagine another explanation for their silence.

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The “hyatt status extension 2022” is a change that Hyatt has made to their award program. The company will extend the expiration date of their awards by two years, if you ask them.

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