In the midst of the COWID-19 pandemic, Disney World’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark welcomed a new water park on Sunday, March 7, much to the delight of visitors and staff alike.

New safety rules and protocols have been introduced to ensure the safety of guests and performers. So it is important that you know them before your visit.


spoke with Disney Waterparks General Manager Mark Dukes about the reopening.

First of all, I want to say that we are very happy that everyone is back in Blizzard Beach, Dukes said. Our safety protocols are very similar to what we do at theme parks and resorts, but there are some nuances because of the water. I would recommend anyone who is interested and doesn’t already know to go to the Disney website, check out the Blizzard Beach water parks and see what they know before you go.

Current trend

Blizzard Beach adheres to the CDC’s health and safety guidelines and uses the findings of the World Waterpark Association (WWA) in addition to its own safety team, Dukes said.

Some protocols include wearing a mask when entering and leaving the park, wearing a mask when purchasing food or beverages, buying merchandise, or using the washrooms or locker rooms.

Face masks are not mandatory in rides or water attractions. However, social distance must be maintained throughout the park. Fortunately, there are handy distance markers so guests know where to stand.

Dukes said his team has covered the most affected areas to make it comfortable for visitors.

We follow the same processes as Walt Disney World and follow CDC guidelines in this area, so there should be no cause for concern in high contact areas, Dukes said. I feel safe coming here. You’ve always felt safe if you’ve been here before, because we have a world-class rescue team. You’ll feel safe when you come back here.

The park operates at a limited capacity, so it’s easy to get socially out, especially on days like today when it seemed like you had the whole park to yourself.

The deck chairs are arranged in such a way that guests can maintain a social distance even while relaxing. And of course cabins can be rented for more privacy for your entire party.

If you need a meal or a drink in the park to cool off from the hot sun, you can place a mobile order. Just order your food over the phone and you’ll be notified when it’s ready for pickup. If you are in a private cabin, you will have an attendant who will serve you and bring you food throughout the day so you can relax.

Whether you’re ready to brave the impossibly high Summit Pampet, or the whole family is coming with you and ready to head to Teamboat Springs or ride Cross Country Creek, one of the longest lazy rivers in the U.S., you can feel safe with the safety and health protocols in place.

Asked about his message to travelers and travel advisors, the Dukes kept him at bay.

Well, I’d say come on down. You’ll have a great time. We always keep the water warm. It’s still 78-82 days, and we’ve limited our attendance to about a third of what we normally do for park tours, so you get an absolutely fantastic experience.

It is certain that the park will welcome more visitors than on the first day of opening, especially when the climate in Florida warms up as it does every spring and summer.

Yet it is quite common to be socially distant when not wearing a mask. And because the options are limited, there are no long lines. We are confident that the Disney staff will work diligently on these new protocols, as they do with all other newly opened parks.

Our faith and trust in the Disney team members grew today after we saw how quickly they handled an upset customer.

The woman began screaming and cursing as she and her friend were denied access to the restroom without masks. They were wet, they had obviously just come off the waterslide, and they were furious that they had to wear a mask to go to the bathroom.

Just when we thought it was going to get out of hand, as this woman’s voice got louder and louder, a member of Disney came on stage and handed them new masks.

Both women rejoiced and said he had brightened their day. That was Disney magic at work.

Dukes said he was hopeful, but did not yet have a date for the reopening of Typhoon Lagoon, Disney World’s other water park.

Whatever the moment, we know that the magic of Disney will be there to give all participants an unforgettable experience.

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