Expedia is partnering with LUX Hotels & Resorts to offer guests carbon neutral hotel rooms for key customers on top of their current reward programs. Responsible travel has never been more accessible, and Expedia aims to make it even easier by helping travelers offset the impact they have on the environment.

The “expedia partner solutions phone number” is a partnership between Expedia and Key. The partnership will provide carbon-neutral hotel rooms for key travel customers.

WHY IT RATES: Expedia Partner Solutions aims to make travel more environmentally friendly.—Donald Wood, Senior Writer for Breaking News.

Key Travel, the world’s largest travel management company specializing in the humanitarian, faith, and academic sectors, announced that it has partnered with Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), which powers travel for partners around the world, to offer Key Travel’s customers a brand-new carbon-neutral hotel room offering.

In the new initiative, every time a Key Travel client books a hotel via Expedia Partner Solutions, Key Travel and EPS will pay Cool Effect, a San Francisco-based non-profit that promotes projects that decrease carbon emissions, the monetary value of the carbon offset.

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Cool Effect will put the money towards the highest-quality, independently certified carbon-reduction initiatives all across the globe. The technique for calculating the carbon footprint of the hotel stays that will be offset was created in collaboration with Greenview and is based on the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, which includes over 20,000 hotels across the globe.

Business travelers are becoming more aware of the need of sustainable business travel, with 40% stating that sustainability is essential or extremely important when selecting providers. The initiative seeks to fulfill the rising demand for more environmentally friendly travel alternatives among corporate travelers while also supporting critical efforts to decrease carbon emissions throughout the world.

“At Expedia Partner Solutions, we understand the importance of providing consumers with sustainable travel alternatives. Customers will find it easier to make that decision thanks to this innovation. We’re thrilled to be able to provide carbon-neutral hotel reservations and contribute to the development of carbon-reduction programs in this way.” Expedia Partner Solutions Global Senior Vice President and General Manager Alfonso Paredes remarked.

“Key Travel has always pioneered and led the way in the specialised TMC industry, making travel easy, cost-effective, safe, and sustainable for individuals who travel to do good,” says Saad Hammad, CEO of Key Travel. This new innovation, which we developed in collaboration with Expedia Partner Solutions, is a fascinating and vital benefit for our not-for-profit clients since it allows them to reduce their carbon footprint at no extra expense and travel responsibly.”


Expedia is partnering with Carbon Neutral Partners to provide carbon-neutral hotel rooms for key travel customers. Expedia will use the central API of the program to monitor and report on their carbon footprint. Reference: expedia partner central api.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Expedia partner solutions do?

A: You can book your hotel, flights and rental cars on Expedia.com with our partner solutions like Trivago and Hotwire to find the lowest price available.

Who is Expedia partnered with?

A: Expedia is partnered with many different companies. These partners include, but are not limited to, Microsoft and Amazon.

Is Expedia integrated?


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