Some of the guests were denied entry because they didn’t have valid travel documents. This is a reminder that cruises are only as safe as the countries you’re coming from and leaving to, which means even Disney cruise ships can be outsmarted by international borders when it comes to security.

The “Disney Cruise 2021 cancelled” is a recent news story that has been circulating. The Disney Cruise Ship was forced to spend the day at sea after guests were denied entry into St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Read more in detail here: disney cruise 2021 cancelled.

Disney Cruise Ship Forced to Spend Day at Sea After Guests Denied at St. Thomas

Passengers on a Disney Cruise Line ship were refused admission to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, this week. Guests were not permitted to exit the Disney Fantasy, which is operating a 7-day Caribbean cruise out of Port Canaveral, on December 30 during a stop in the Virgin Islands.

Guests from another ship were permitted to disembark, but the Disney cruise ship did not get the so-called Free Pratique required to do so.

Guests from Disney Cruise Line are not permitted to disembark at St. Thomas.

The cruise industry has had a tumultuous few weeks, as yet another cruise company has been denied the ability to take customers onshore. The Disney Fantasy is the most recent vessel to be refused admission to a Caribbean port of call.

Disney Fantasy in Port CanaveralJen Helton of contributed to this image.

Despite the fact that the cruise operator claims that fewer than 1% of passengers and crew members have a positive COVID-19 infection, the authorities in St. Thomas have refused to clear the vessel and award Free Prtique. This is the permit that allows a ship to enter a port once it has shown that it is clear of infectious illnesses. The following is a statement from Disney:

“Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases on the island and a limited number of fully vaccinated Crew Members and Guests — fewer than 1% of those on board – in isolation for COVID-19, the Disney Fantasy did not stop in St. Thomas today.”

“Those who have been impacted by these breakthrough instances are either asymptomatic or have minimal symptoms, and we are addressing patients on board according to CDC procedures.” We continue to operate with numerous layers of health and safety standards in place, including immunizations, PCR tests at the port before to embarkation for all guests, crew testing multiple times per week, increased cleaning processes, and the need that masks be worn in all interior locations.”

The 2,500-passenger Disney Fantasy, which has a gross tonnage of 129,750, is running seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruises including stops in the British and US Virgin Islands, as well as the Bahamas.

Cruise Ships Could Be Turned Away From St. Thomas

According to the Virgin Islands Daily News, any visitors traveling aboard a vessel with positive cases accounting for more than 1% of the total guests and personnel onboard would be denied entrance. According to local officials, this is in accordance with the cruise industry’s agreements:

“We are analyzing the % positive on each ship and keeping to the contractual agreement for passengers and crew members,” said Health Commissioner Justa Encarnacion. We do not allow people to depart unless there is a life-threatening situation if it falls below our agreed-upon critical threshold, which they all do.”

Disney Fantasy in St. ThomasIn St. Thomas, Disney Fantasy is a must-see attraction. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock user NAN728.)

While Disney Cruise Line claimed that the denial of admission was due to local and shipboard caseloads, the Health Commissioner claims that local caseloads in St. Thomas had no bearing on the decision to restrict entrance to Disney Fantasy passengers.

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Nonetheless, it’s another evidence of the worry that’s gripped the country in recent weeks. Various ports have refused cruise ships admission based on the presence or absence of positive cases aboard. The use of a figure of 1% accentuates the ambiguity. With 60 cases, a ship with 6,000 people on board would be refused admission. A 1,000-person ship with just ten cases would be refused.

The cruise industry, the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), port agents, and islands like St. Maarten are all working on a solution that will make the whole process more easier.

It will, ideally, end the practice of ships learning at the dock that they are not permitted to discharge passengers, as was the case with the Disney Fantasy, a procedure in which cruise companies are blamed for arbitrary port-of-call judgments.

Disney Fantasy in St. Thomas

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The “crew member death on cruise ship” is a tragedy that happened recently. The Disney Cruise Ship was forced to spend the day at sea after guests were denied entry into St. Thomas.

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