Now that the calendar year is coming to an end, it is time for us to start thinking about the next one.  This could hold true for you as well. You could be sitting at home, doing nothing which is what you are doing right now.  It’s so tempting to stay at home, but why not go somewhere else to have some fun?  There are plenty of places to visit, even if it is just for a day or two.  Some of the best places to visit are those that are not too expensive.  You can afford to go there for a few days, you could even go there for a week or two.  There are also plenty of places to go to.  It just depends on what you

Workcations are when you take a vacation in your place of work. You get to work in your hometown, or in one of the world’s most significant cities in the industry where you work. It’s an in-office experience in a city where you’ll learn about the culture in which you work, and where you’ll get the chance to navigate the city in your work clothes.

If you’re a business or work-related traveler and looking for a unique and exotic location to take your colleagues and clients, look no further than the world’s best cities for working and playing.

Because to the COVID-19 epidemic, many workers were forced to leave the workplace and convert to telecommuting, which has proved to be both practical and long-lasting for a large portion of the workforce.

Work-from-home agreements have effectively liberated employees to perform their jobs from anywhere with a stable internet connection, and many are taking advantage of the chance to mix work and pleasure to new levels. With the ‘workcation’ trend on the rise, Holidu, a U.K.-based travel site, analyzed the world’s top cities using various data points to evaluate their overall suitability as ‘working holiday’ locations.


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According to Sarah Siddle, Holidu’s public relations and marketing manager, “the events of the last year and a half have totally changed the manner in which we operate, showing us that we don’t always have to be in the office five days a week to accomplish our duties.” “A workation is the ideal method to spend a long amount of time in a location you wish to visit without being restricted by annual vacation allowances.”

Holidu rated 150 worldwide locations for its 2021 ‘Workation Index,’ based on a variety of factors like WiFi connectivity, co-working spaces, travel, and even the cost of after-work beverages. It also considered the cost of lodging and food, the local climate, and the amount of four-star or higher “things to do” in the region.

This year’s winner is Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, which boasts an overall low cost of living, a high percentage of English speakers, a diverse range of attractions, and over 450,000 free WiFi hotspots, as well as corporate infrastructure built by the many multinational companies that have relocated to Bangkok in recent years.

“All of the cities that earned top spots did so mostly owing to their very low cost of living, with very low costs for lodging, food, and drinks,” Siddle said. “On top of that, each of these places is a cultural hotspot in its own right, with a diverse range of great things to see and do.”

Woman working on a laptop in a tropical destination. In a tropical location, a woman works on her laptop. (Photo courtesy of iStock/Getty Images) E+/Jasmina007)

The Top 10 Workplaces in the World:

Bangkok, Thailand is number one.

2. India’s capital, New Delhi

Lisbon, Portugal is number three.

Barcelona, Spain is number four.

Buenos Aires, Argentina is number five (tied)

Budapest, Hungary (No. 5) (tied)

Mumbai, India is number seven.

Istanbul, Turkey (number 8)

Bucharest, Romania is number nine.

Phuket, Thailand is number ten.

It’s worth noting that, although nations like India and Thailand claimed several top positions, no American cities made the cut. Los Angeles, the highest-ranked city in the United States, landed in 30th position. While some cities had significant advantages (New York City was ranked second in the world for coworking spaces, San Francisco and San Diego were ranked third and fourth in the world for WiFi connectivity, and Phoenix and Las Vegas were ranked fourth and fifth in the world for “duration of sunshine”), cost of living likely eliminated some U.S. cities from consideration.

Woman working on her laptop outside an RV. Outside an RV, a woman works on her laptop. (Photo courtesy of iStock/Getty Images) Kemal Yildirim/E+)

Siddle believes that the prevalent trend of working from anywhere, often known as digital nomadism, will continue. “Over the next several years, we expect to see this trend accelerate as more businesses allow workers to continue working while taking longer vacations overseas, resulting in a better work-life balance,” she added.

A recent study of booking data conducted by a travel-planning app According to TripIt, more individuals are taking longer vacations this year—eight to thirteen days, as well as 14 or more days. Those figures are 10 times higher than in 2019, a trend that may be attributed in part to consumers’ increased capacity to combine work and pleasure.

“In the next 12 months, 89 percent of global business travelers indicated they would add personal vacation time to their travels, which is quite significant,” Jen Moyse, senior director of product at TripIt, said.

In a city where hundreds of people work in a single skyscraper, the term “office” can be a bit misleading. After all, you can find a lot of activity going on in the middle of the day when office workers are home with their families. So, what’s a city where a lot of people work in a single skyscraper?  A city where a very large portion of its population actually works from home! In fact, the number of people in the world who actually work from home is larger than the population of most of these cities!. Read more about best countries for workation and let us know what you think.

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