When the outbreak began, luxury yacht charters were in high demand. Now that the world is returning to normal, these services are still needed for those who want to travel overseas without having to worry about getting stuck in a quarantine zone.

Deluxe Yacht Charters is a company that offers time-sensitive post-outbreak travel options. The company offers moorings rentals and private charters.

Yacht charters developed as a feasible alternative to other kinds of tourism, such as resorts and big cruise ships, which were unavailable to tourists in the aftermath of the epidemic and were subsequently sluggish to return to full operations.

Yacht charters provide a luxurious holiday experience in which visitors may relax in regulated settings that meet modern health and safety issues. The Moorings, located in the US Virgin Islands, is one of the charter companies currently offering luxury maritime holidays for discriminating visitors looking for something different.


The Moorings’ vice president of sales and marketing, Josie Tucci, gave us an update on how the company’s products are adapted to modern travelers.

Josie Tucci, senior vice president of sales and marketing The Moorings “Our main demographic is professionals and retirees between the ages of 45 and 65.” Josie Tucci is an actress who has starred in a number of films. (The Moorings provided this picture)

(TP): Has the luxury yacht charter industry in the US Virgin Islands lost ground to the British Virgin Islands in recent years?

Josie Tucci (JT): It didn’t necessarily lose ground, but traditionally, our clients preferred the British Virgin Islands and went via the United States Virgin Islands on their route there, but that is changing.

TP: Other important tourist industries in the US Virgin Islands include land-based resorts and large-ship cruises. Is there a place in the market for yacht charters?

JT: Certainly – it’s a lovely sailing ground that many more sailors have found since the epidemic, since the British Virgin Islands were quarantined until recently and were closed until December 20. It is accessible by direct flights, and charter itineraries are very simple, with short hops to beautiful national park regions providing a true escape. With a smattering of pubs and restaurants, the beaches, hiking, fishing, and constant breeze are all excellent, and yacht charters give a degree of access that no cruise ship or land-based holiday can match.

TP: Could you explain the demographics, income, and travel preferences and expectations of passengers in this segment?

JT: Our main demographic is 45-65 year old professionals and retirees, most of whom are experienced sailors and boaters, as well as many boat owners seeking a “floating villa” crewed yacht experience. In terms of travel expectations, our visitors will appreciate the limited COVID procedures in the US Virgin Islands, as well as the fact that US residents do not need a passport.

TP: How has the post-epidemic travel environment affected yacht charters, and how has your business adjusted?

JT: We’ve launched two new domestic destinations, the US Virgin Islands and Key West, after a long and difficult process. We’ve made booking rules more flexible, and we’ve even debuted a new boat model. Bookings for the next winter season are pouring in, and availability is becoming scarce, which is wonderful for us, but it is critical that customers book as soon as possible to secure their preferred dates, location, and boat.

TP: How do you collaborate with travel agents? The majority of yacht charter trips are booked in this manner.

JT: We deal with travel agencies and pay commissions (usually depending on volume), and we’re a recommended supplier for Virtuoso, Signature, MAST, and Classic Vacations. We have numerous business development managers throughout the United States who may help with training and reservations, however the majority of reservations are made via our Vacation Planning contact center.

The charter catamaran bvi is a luxury yacht charter company that offers timely options for post-outbreak travel.

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