Delta Air Lines announced that it will extend the expiration of eCredits for booking through 2023. The airline has been a pioneer in introducing blockchain to its business, offering things like cryptocurrency and an option to trade tickets on Ethereum’s decentralized exchange.

Delta Air Lines has announced that they will be extending the expiration of their eCredits bookings through 2023. The company is hoping to make a profit off of this extension. Read more in detail here: delta flight credit expiration covid.

Delta Air Lines Extends eCredits Booking Expiration Through 2023

Delta Air Lines has reaffirmed its commitment to flexibility in the face of the pandemic by extending the expiry dates of all travel coupons. Customers’ current eCredits are now eligible for rebooking until December 31, 2023, for flights booked through 2024, according to the airline.

Customers may plan Delta flights with more assurance that they will be able to rebook if the need arises, since travel circumstances continue to shift as a result of COVID-19. New tickets booked throughout the year will be available for rebooking until the end of 2023 for travel in 2024.


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Delta’s change costs for most domestic and international tickets were removed in 2020, so potential travelers won’t have to worry about paying extra to rebook. Customers were also given free stand-by and same-day travel adjustments this summer, extending the airline’s pandemic-era flexibility. Travelers who wish to rebook on a ticket that is more costly than their initial flight, on the other hand, will have to pay the difference.

In a statement, Allison Ausband, Delta Air Lines’ Chief Customer Experience Officer, stated, “We want to guarantee our customers have peace of mind when booking or rebooking their Delta journeys this year.” “This industry-leading extension gives customers additional time to spend their travel credits, allowing them to book with total confidence that Delta will be there for them even when circumstances beyond their control happen.”

Other major U.S. airlines, according to Travel + Leisure, have also increased COVID-era flexibility for consumers. United and American Airlines extended the validity of electronic certificates and flight credits that were supposed to expire at the end of 2021 to the end of 2022 last year. Both airlines eliminated cancellation and change fees, with United promising to do so indefinitely. Southwest Airlines now charges no fees for flight cancellations or changes, and will refund ‘Anytime’ or ‘Business Select’ rates as well as provide future trip credits for canceled ‘Wanna Get Away’ tickets.

Delta said in its statement that it will give more information to affected customers later and that the revised expiry dates may not yet be reflected on their eCredits paperwork due to a system upgrade.

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Delta Air Lines has extended the eCredits booking expiration through 2023. This means that Delta passengers can now book their flights with eCredits and use the credits to pay for taxes, fees, or baggage charges. Reference: delta airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Delta eCredit expire?

A: No. Delta eCredits never expire and can be used for anything on the site, including games, tools, maps, skins etc.

Do delta E tickets expire?

A: Delta E tickets do not expire.

Can Delta eCredits be refunded?

A: No. Delta eCredits are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.

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