This month, Crystal Endeavor is making history in the waters of Iceland as the first expedition yacht in the world to sail alone in a foreign port on its maiden voyage. Located on the southern side of Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula, this area is the westernmost area of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Crystal Endeavor Expedition Yacht, a new expedition yacht, departed from Reykjavik, Iceland on June 7 and will continue on its maiden voyage around Iceland and Greenland. The voyage is expected to last about a year, and will include stops in Iceland, Greenland and Norway, and will be the yacht’s first major expedition.

This high-tech expedition yacht is designed to explore and test the limits of its crew as they explore the seas and places they have never been. It’s a great way to get your team out there, into the unknown, and bring your business to the next level.. Read more about crystal endeavour antarctica and let us know what you think.

The 200-passenger Crystal Endeavor, Crystal’s latest luxury adventure ship, is now on its first trip, a 10-night round of Iceland.

Crystal President Jack Anderson stated, “This is a wonderful moment for the whole Crystal family as we witness Crystal Endeavor sail on her first journey.” “Our new expedition boat will take our guests on daring excursions to the furthest reaches of the world, providing discoveries, enrichment, and immersive experiences unlike anything they’ve ever had before,” says the company. Our visitors will enjoy spaciousness, personal service, and elegance aboard the ship, which is designed with safety and responsible management of the world’s seas in mind.”


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The ship was supposed to be delivered in April 2020, however it was postponed due to the shipyard’s closure because to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The first of five voyages to Iceland, the first trip includes Zodiac expeditions and kayaking excursions conducted straight from the ship.

The Crystal Endeavor, with a gross tonnage of 20,200, is the industry’s “largest roomy, quickest, most powerful exploration ship,” according to Crystal. It has a polar rating of PC6, allowing it to operate in Arctic and Antarctic seas.

The ship features 100 all-balcony, butler-serviced suites with a staff-to-guest ratio of one-to-one. The ship’s marina is equipped with 18 Zodiacs, 14 sea kayaks, and snorkeling equipment. In certain areas of the globe, the ship also carries a six-person submersible and two helicopters.

A remote-operated vehicle (ROV) that can see the water at nearly 1,000 feet deep and a Gimble long-range camera atop the mast that can zoom in to watch animals and landscape over a mile distant are among the ship’s exploration tools.

The camera system captures 4K footage, which is broadcast straight to the 65-inch displays in Palm Court, 86-inch screens in the Expedition Lounge, and the Cove’s video wall, which has a huge 218-inch center screen and two 145-inch side screens.

Sea kayaking in the seas of the Westfjords in Patreksfjörur, an Arctic Circle walkabout on Grimsey Island, and Zodiac cruising among mountain vistas in Djpivogur are just a few of the free activities offered by naturalist specialists on the Iceland trips. A marine biologist, ornithologist, geologist/glaciologist, historian, two professional photographers, arctic expedition experts, and an artist-in-residence will teach and encourage visitors to preserve trip experiences with snapshot sketches and drawings will be included on the Iceland excursions.

The first trip of the Crystal Endeavor has completely immunized passengers and staff. New procedures have been introduced, including obligatory immunization for guests and staff, COVID-19 testing upon embarkation, and more. Due of the required immunization requirement, visitors in Iceland are free to explore onshore on their own.

The Iceland series will be followed by the 10-night “Journey of Vikings: Iceland & Norway” from Reykjavík to Tromsø departing Sept. 5, 2021. Additional autumn departures include the 13-night “Norwegian Fjords & Scottish Isles Exploration” from Tromsø to London, departing Sept. 15, and the 11-night “Breton, Bordeaux and Beyond” from London to Lisbon departing Sept. 28.

Crystal Endeavor Expedition Yacht Operates Maiden Voyage In Iceland. Read more about crystal endeavour cruises 2021 and let us know what you think.

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