When a luxury ship with a full line of first class cabins sails from Thailand to Malaysia, there are two key players that are at the heart of the journey. The first is the ship’s captain, who leads the voyage to ensure the operation runs smoothly. The second is the expedition manager, who ensures that the crew meets the safety, quality and standards required for each individual voyage.

Luxury cruise lines are a step above the rest when it comes to vacationing. In their tour packages, you find everything from upscale restaurants and bars, to spas and bars, to even airplanes and helicopters to take you around the world. But the cruise industry is expected to experience a bit of a shake-up over the next few years.  Companies are creating expedition vessels, which are the same as a cruise ship but they will only carry one or two passengers as opposed to the traditional ship with hundreds of people on board.

Read about the new cruise line, Harmony of the Seas, on the blog TheCruiseCritic . Harmony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built, and the first to be powered by wind power. The ship is so large that it can only dock in two ports, and the cruise line plans to use it for both short cruises and two expedition-style voyages. In the first expedition, passengers will travel to the Arctic Circle and the South Pole in a region known as the “first” Pole, and then back to South America. The second expedition will take passengers to Antarctica.. Read more about cruise ships 2021 covid and let us know what you think.

Silversea Cruises has announced that one of its luxury ships would be converted into an ice-class adventure ship.

Following a significant refurbishment in 2018, the line’s ship Silver Wind is presently receiving repairs at the Remontowa shipyard in Poland. The makeover features an ice-strengthened hull for traveling in arctic seas, as well as a number of technological improvements to prepare for the ship’s new sailing area.

silver wind silversea cruises

Winds of Silver (Silversea Cruises provided this image.)

A new sophisticated waste water treatment facility, new food waste treatment facilities, and new fuel-saving boilers will be installed at Silver Wind.

Silver Wind will be the fourth exploration ship in Siversea’s fleet of nine ships. On November 20, 2021, she will embark on her first trip as an expedition ship, a 22-day trek to Antarctica. Passengers on the cruise will have a front-row seat to a solar eclipse on December 4, 2021.

“To further extend and diversify our cold-water cruise offering, we are turning our beloved Silver Wind into one of the most luxury expedition ships at sea,” says Silversea President and CEO Roberto Martinoli. “We are substantially investing in our ultra-luxury fleet with the support of the Royal Caribbean Group to satisfy the growing guest demand for journey choices in such breath-taking, isolated locations as Antarctica, and we have more exciting improvements to come.”

Enhancements to the Expedition

Silver Wind will be upgraded so that it can conduct expedition trips in both the arctic areas and the world’s most isolated tropical seas.

Other upgrades will include ice-detector sonars intended for use on icebreaker ships, 24 Zodiac boats, and 14 kayaks, in addition to the reinforced hull.

The ship will carry up to 28 expedition specialists who will offer their expertise via onboard lectures, guided Zodiac excursions, and shore visits, with a total capacity of only 274 passengers.

The ship’s casino is being transformed into the Photo Studio, which will showcase cutting-edge photography equipment. A new Mudroom has been added, as well as an unique heating system for the ship’s swimming pool.

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Interior Rooms

During Silver Wind’s 2018 renovation, the majority of the public areas were renovated.

The ship’s top suites will be completely renovated during the present restorations, with new furnishings and carpets, as well as new walk-in showers to match the bathtubs. New walk-in showers will be installed in the Vista and Veranda suites.

Many public spaces will receive minor updates again, with repainted walls and ceilings in La Dame, La Terrazza, the Observation Lounge, the Panorama Lounge, and the Reception area. The Gym & Beauty Salon will be updated as well.

la dame silver wind silversea cruises

On Silver Wind, La Dame (Silversea Cruises provided this image.)

Antarctica Solar Eclipse Cruise

As previously stated, Silver Wind will embark on her first expedition trip to Antarctica on November 20. She’ll spend the whole of her first season in that area.

Passengers will be able to see the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica, as well as see the solar eclipse on December 4th.

The following is included in the cruise price for passengers on the ship’s exploration voyages:

  • Round-trip international flights (or air credit)
  • Upgrades to Business Class are available at a discounted cost.
  • Flights inside the nation
  • Hotel night(s) before to and after the cruise, or a day-use hotel stay
  • Luggage handling and transfers
  • The Expedition Team’s Contact Information
  • Enrichment talks, Zodiac, land, and sea excursions, and shoreside activities are all available.
  • Expedition gear is provided for free, including a parka (for certain trips), a backpack, and a water bottle.
  • There are many restaurants on site, as well as room service available 24 hours a day,
  • Premium alcoholic drinks
  • Onboard gratuity and butler service
  • Wifi is unrestricted.


The idea of taking a luxury ship from a cruise line and converting it into a research vessel that can be used to explore the depths of the ocean is not something that would be too out of the ordinary. And indeed, the idea is being pushed by a company that has given us a number of interesting vessels in the past, namely the Nautilus. The Ocean Endeavor is a cruise line that is based out of Long Beach, California.. Read more about newest cruise ships 2022 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cruise line change my ship?

Yes, cruise lines can change the ship you are on.

What is expedition cruising?

Expedition cruising is a type of cruise that allows passengers to explore the worlds most remote places.

How much does it cost to build a luxury cruise ship?

The cost of building a luxury cruise ship is difficult to estimate. This is because the costs are highly dependent on the size and location of the ship.

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