For many years, airlines have been cracking down on alcohol consumption in the cabin. But where’s the line?

With its new first class cabins, United (NYSE: UAL ) is offering passengers the ultimate in luxury. But, in a move that some experts dub “Dickensian”, the airline won’t serve any alcohol in the new seats, even when they’re empty.

You have to admit, it sounds like a ridiculous idea: First-class passengers getting free booze on the plane, while coach passengers are banned from drinking. But at least it’s not the 1970s. The United States recently put in place a new rule that would allow passengers in first class to purchase alcoholic drinks.. Read more about american airlines and let us know what you think.

CNN : Serving alcohol in first class and prohibiting it on the bus is Dickensian

Gary Leff 11. June 2021

Some airlines do not serve alcohol to passengers on intercity flights because of poor passenger behaviour on board these days. Of course they behaved badly when no alcohol was served to them, but somehow there is a connection or a fear that the behavior will worsen.

I wrote that all airline passengers are now Spirit Airlines passengers and that business travel is still about 75% below pre-pandemic levels. Spirit Airlines, on the other hand, has long sold alcohol on board. What’s more, their in-flight beverage menu even has sound: Why not? You’re on vacation.

A CNN contributor commented on the fact that American Airlines is still offering drinks in the premium lounges, while not serving them in the classrooms.

This creates an image that borders on Dickens. In the cabin, vulgar and petty executives interrupt their fights to threaten flight attendants with brass knuckles and clubs. In first class, upper-class passengers write haikus or use their personal regurgitators to make room for more fried fillet.

Remember that domestic first class is not synonymous with net and paneer, or that the truly affluent are more likely to take a private flight than an upgrade to a 36-inch seat (before the panic, domestic first class was the domain of middle- and upper-class business travelers).

And they take into account the possibility that first class passengers are less likely to be confronted with masks or less likely to be assaulted while under the influence. They say the opposite,

  • A 2016 study found that long-haul bus passengers’ dissatisfaction is fueled by getting on a plane through the front door and returning by long-haul bus.
  • Another study found that wealthier people are more likely to behave unethically, but this time it’s about whether they stop at pedestrian crossings, not whether they attack flight attendants or refuse to wear masks.

Of course, the 2016 study says nothing about bus passengers being more likely to binge because they’ve been through first class, and even if that were true, the extent to which airlines ban alcohol in back rows would be an endorsement of that policy if they can’t change the gate they use. And a 2016 study doesn’t suggest that the sight of passengers taking a drink before a flight determines their anger.

Also, the 2016 study literally could not explain the anger over Musk’s diametrically opposed policies,

  • the current low prevalence of the virus in the United States
  • the relative safety of the aircraft cabin compared to other enclosed spaces such as bars and gyms, thanks to HEPA air filtration and downdraft
  • the availability of vaccines in the US, so that everyone aged 12 and over can be vaccinated – there is therefore no need to protect those who do not wish to be vaccinated
  • CDC recommendation that vaccinated persons not wear masks in other settings.

The study also examined the politicization of masks and the events of the 6th. January is coming. In other words, the article sheds little light on current events, although it attempts to fan the flames of class struggle.

First class is more expensive than tourist class and includes extras such as beverage service. The irony, of course, is that the difference between first and economy class actually narrowed during the pandemic.

Meal service did not seriously return on most domestic flights, cold packaged food was the norm on many domestic flights – and even that was an improvement over what the airlines served. In other words, passengers in first class received greater cost savings than those who purchased only transportation. Every writer has an aviation angle for an axe. But this is almost always wrong.

(HT: Tommy L.)

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