Celebrity Cruises announced that it is extending its Confidence Program for guests who book their vacation on the cruise line through March 2019. Passengers can still get a free trip when they take an eligible departure during fall, winter or spring 2020.

Celebrity Cruises has extended the Cruise With Confidence program through March. Celebrity Cruises is offering a new promotion for the extension of their Cruise With Confidence program, which allows guests to enjoy more time on board without having to worry about any pre-existing conditions. Read more in detail here: celebrity cruises breaking news.

Celebrity Cruises Extends Cruise With Confidence Program Through March

Celebrity Cruises has extended its “Cruise With Confidence” program through March 31, 2022, following the lead of other major cruise companies. Guests will be able to be more flexible with their travel arrangements, knowing that their holiday investment will be protected if they decide to reschedule or cancel their cruise on short notice during these uncertain times.

Dates for the Cruise With Confidence have been extended.

Celebrity Cruises will now fulfill the Best Price Guarantee and Future Cruise Credit (FCC) components of the Cruise With Confidence program for reservations made through March 31, 2022 on sailings leaving on or before September 30, 2022, as announced on January 13, 2022.

This includes sailings aboard Celebrity Beyond, the line’s third Edge-class ship, which is expected to launch on April 27, 2022 with a 10-night Western Europe itinerary.

In addition, if customers who purchased refundable airfare via Flights by Celebrity now want to alter their sailing date, Celebrity Cruises will take care of all re-accommodations and waive change costs.

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Until recently, the program was only available for sailings leaving on or before May 31, 2022, and it was only valid until January 31, 2022. Bookings for Celebrity Beyond were not previously covered, however they are now from January 13 forward.

On March 6, 2020, shortly before the industry-wide pandemic shutdown started, the Cruise With Confidence initiative was launched. Up to 48 hours before to departing, travelers traveling until July 31, 2020, might postpone or cancel their trip in return for Future Cruise Credit.

As the pandemic situation has changed, the program has been expanded and amended 16 times in the last 22 months. Adjustments were also made for cruise reservations in some areas, such as Australia/New Zealand sailings, which have different criteria than the rest of the world.

On January 13, Royal Caribbean made similar adjustments to its Cruise With Confidence program. This is hardly unexpected, given that the Royal Caribbean Group includes both Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises.

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Future Cruise Credit Dates Have Been Extended As Well

Another modification brought about by this extension to Celebrity’s program is that all new and current Future Cruise Credits must be utilized before December 31, 2022, or one year from the original sailing date, whichever comes first.

The Cruise With Confidence policy will now apply to bookings made with FCCs on stopped sailings.

FCCs are stackable, so many certificates may be used per person on the same reservation, giving visitors with multiple FCCs even more options. This is particularly useful for travelers who wish to postpone their vacation plans since price for sailings months in advance might fluctuate dramatically from pricing for cruises that have just been stopped. Stacking FCCs allows you to utilize those credits for sailing later this year.

Because the many components of the Cruise With Confidence program have undergone so many modifications, it might be difficult to determine which choices apply to specific sailings or cruise arrangements. If guests desire to revise their holiday arrangements or just keep informed about their existing choices, they should contact their travel partner or Celebrity Cruises directly.

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Celebrity Cruises has extended their “Cruise with Confidence” program through March. The program offers the first and second guests onboard a free cruise, as well as $500 in drink credits. Reference: celebrity cancelled cruise refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will cruise with confidence be extended?

A: I am not sure what you mean by extended. Are you asking if the cruise will last longer?

What does Celebrity cruise with confidence mean?

A: Celebrity cruises with confidence means that the company is confident in their product and provides a lot of assurance to consumers.

What is happening with Celebrity Cruises?

A: Celebrity Cruises is experiencing a lot of changes. They are going to be discontinuing their cruise line and no longer providing the same luxury that they once provided. Their fleet will now consist of just one ship, The Celebrity Solstice, which means less destinations for passengers on cruises as well as fewer ports in place to visit. Customers can still book cruises with Celebrity however, so it might not necessarily mean the end for them if youre interested in taking a trip out at sea – but dont expect too much from this company anymore!

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