Are new guidelines finally on the way to reopening cruises from US ports? According to a tweet from Miami-Dade Mayor Danielle Levin Cava, we will soon see a statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The release we are waiting for is the second phase of the Conditional Safe Sailing Order, which allows cruise lines to begin test sailings from U.S. ports, one of the requirements before passengers are allowed to sail.

Will guidelines be issued soon?

Last week, Miami Mayor Dade requested a meeting with CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walenski, as reported by Cruise Hive, and that meeting has already taken place. The discussion between the Mayor and the CDC Director focused on the return of cruises to US ports. The mayor should have said in a statement after the meeting:

Our phone conversation today with Dr. Rochelle Walenski, CDC Director, Dr. Martin Cetron, Division Director, and the CDC team to discuss the safe return of the cruiser to the United States was very encouraging to us. I was impressed with the knowledge of the industrial director and his empathy for the economic hardship caused by the loss of this company.

My phone call today with @CDCgov was very encouraging and I was very excited to hear that they will be issuing new rules for safe re-cruising. Miami-Dade is ready to work with the CDC to ensure the cruise capital of the world can lead the recovery of this important industry

– Daniella Levine Cava (@MayorDaniella) April 1, 2021

The CDC Director also informed the Mayor that a second set of technical manuals will be published soon, which many have been waiting for months:

We are pleased that the CDC will soon issue new cruise ship return guidelines that reflect the successes of the vaccine, and we look forward to working with the CDC and the cruise industry as a positive partner and resource. Some may want to sue, but we want to sail and we are willing to work together to ensure that the cruise capital of the world is at the forefront of reviving this vital industry.

The Mayor’s comments should be taken with a grain of salt, as this is not the first time the CDC has said it will issue technical guidance on the second phase of the conditional order in the coming days.

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Manual may be out of date

Michael Bailey, Royal Caribbean’s chief executive, was optimistic and visionary just over 40 days ago when he announced that DCC’s technical management would arrive within days. This week, the president of the world’s second-largest cruise line expressed concern that the guidelines, if enacted, would be overtaken.

This feeling is not surprising. The mayor of Miami-Dade said the guidelines would take into account recent advances in vaccine administration, but the guidelines themselves were being reviewed with other departments, the CDC director said in a statement last month.

Michael Bailey said the following during a webinar with travel professionals:

We are concerned because it has been many, many months since we have received any advice, and we fear that the advice we will receive will be rather out of date.

Royal Caribbean is working tirelessly to fully resume cruises outside the United States. With the experience gained in Singapore, Royal Caribbean has a good understanding of what it takes to sail safely during a pandemic.

It remains to be seen whether the CDC will take into account the experience of other cruise lines or whether it will go its own way and ignore the experience and knowledge of cruise lines, which it has always done over the past year.

If the guidelines are published this week, if they are updated and reflect the latest experiences and findings of the cruise lines, then maybe, just maybe, we can get back on track.

frequently asked questions

Will the 2021 cruises be cancelled?

All cruises to Asia, Australia and New Zealand have now been cancelled for the entire 2020-2021 cruise season, while sailings to South America have also been cancelled for the entire season until 7. April 2021.

When is it safe to travel again?

Between 1. March and the 10th. In July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified nearly 3,000 cases of COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 and 34 deaths on 123 vessels. But the cruise is scheduled to return in 2021.

When will the cruises resume?

Carnival Cruise Line: 1. July 2021 Carnival Cruise Line plans to resume cruises in July, but is still finalizing COVID-19 protocols for future voyages.

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