Carnival Cruise Line sends updates for the Bermuda and Spain sailings.

The “cruises to bermuda 2022” is a website that has been created by the Carnival Cruise Line. The website provides the latest information on sailings for Bermuda and Spain.

Carnival Cruise Line Update on Sailings for Bermuda and Spain

As if a cruise wasn’t pricey enough already, the Bermudan government has imposed a new fee for passengers who want to disembark during a cruise ship visit on the island.

Guests will now be forced to pay for a Travel Authorization to reach the island, in addition to paying considerable sums in port fees. 

Carnival has clarified the testing situation for fully vaccinated passengers on the opposite side of the Atlantic, stating that there is no need to be tested again if completely vaccinated. 

Bermuda Increases Costs

Bermuda has added another expense to a cruise, in addition to the additional expenditures of flights and other modes of transportation, hotel overnights, gratuities, and port fees.

Visitors to the island will be asked to fill out and pay a $40 Travel Authorization, despite the fact that they already pay a lot in port fees. 

Carnival Magic New LiveryCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

This applies to Carnival Legend and Carnival Magic sailings on May 22 and 26, respectively. Failure to complete the Travel Authorization for Bermuda might result in a disappointing visit to the island, according to brand spokesman John Heald:

“Please fill this if you are coming ashore in Bermuda. If you don’t, and attempt to leave the ship, the authorities will not let you. I’m so sorry, and this is obviously beyond the cruise industry’s control at the moment. Please ensure that every passenger on these trips fills out the form.”

The port costs in Bermuda are $60 per person per day. If passengers choose to go ashore, the cost might be as much as $100 per person. Guests are recommended to apply for their Travel Authorization at least 24 hours but no more than one month prior to their departure date.

Even in Bermuda, the Travel Authorisation has drawn a lot of criticism, with some dubbing it a hidden tax. 

“Over the last week, I have been called regularly by travelers who have suffered concerns,” says Bermuda’s shadow health minister, Michael Dunkley. While we appreciate everyone’s efforts, we believe the Travel Authorization form should be phased out.”

“It accomplished its function, and now, as we learn to live with Covid, we need to go back to a more normal existence and eliminate what is now a travel annoyance and a potential deterrent or discouragement for visitors to the island,” says the author.

While Bermuda is increasing cruise rates, Spain is removing certain restrictions, with COVID-19 regulations in Europe changing almost daily. 

In Barcelona, there are no double tests.

Guests aboard Carnival Pride departing from Barcelona on May 8, 19, and 29 do not need to be checked again if they are properly vaccinated. This week, there was some confusion when it seemed that Carnival passengers would have to complete a second exam at the terminal before boarding the ship.

Carnival Pride Cruise ShipPhoto credit: Shutterstock/Anya Douglas

This test would have been in addition to the Spanish government’s pre-cruise covid test. Guests who are fully immunized need simply present the pre-cruise test. Only visitors who have not been completely vaccinated, especially children, are subject to the double test requirement. 

While the cruise industry has mostly back to normal, and COVID seems to be a distant memory in most nations across the globe, certain governments still feel the need to make travel more difficult. 

The rising expenses of travel, along with constantly changing laws and restrictions, are making the voyage more difficult for individuals eager to discover. 

Carnival Magic With New Livery

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