Carnival Cruise Line announced that it has launched a nationally available digital health app called Connecting Health, which will allow people to check in and share their blood pressure when they are on vacation. The company also is testing the use of blockchain technology during the 2020 cruise season to create more efficient shipping methods for guests.

Carnival Cruise Line has been rolling out a digital health app across the entire US fleet. The app will allow users to track their fitness, weight and sleep goals as they travel. Read more in detail here: carnival cruise line news.

Carnival Cruise Line Rolls Out Digital Health App Across Entire US Fleet

Carnival Cruise Line has rolled out the VeriFLY by Daon safe digital health app for all ships in all of its U.S. homeports after extensive testing aboard the Mardi Gras and other ships, as well as at a number of homeports. The cruise line has become the greatest user of the system. 

The time it takes to complete the health evaluation procedure upon embarkation will be lowered in half for guests who utilize the VeriFLY app. The software validates that the pre-cruise test meets the standards of the ship and homeport, and provides a simple pass/fail response.

VeriFLY is now available at all US homeports.

Carnival Voyage Line has now rolled out VeriFLY for all sailings from all US homeports in an attempt to make the health screening process before the cruise a lot easier and faster. The VeriFLY app was initially used by passengers on the Mardi Gras cruise from Port Canaveral on January 22, and it was a huge success. 

“With VeriFLY, our customers can conduct pre-embarkation duties quickly and securely via their smartphone.” “By completing the procedure through VeriFLY, guests may save time at the port and get on board sooner,” said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy. “The sooner we can get our passengers to the enjoyment on board, the faster we can get the terminal check-in procedure done.”

Carnival Cruise Line VeriFLYCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

The software will shorten the time it takes to complete the full health assessment procedure in half, including evaluating test results, validating health questionnaires, and verifying personal information. 

Guests on recent sailings who utilized the new simplified method have already expressed their enthusiasm for the app. On the first test in January, 85 percent of the 2,000 visitors downloaded and utilized the app. 

“We were delighted to learn of the success of the VeriFLY app in the pilot stage with Carnival Cruise Line, and we are now looking forward to seeing VeriFLY deployed fleetwide for all ships in all of its U.S. homeports,” said Daon CEO Tom Grissen.

What Is VeriFLY and How Does It Work?

Guests create a secure profile from their mobile device, which is available from both the Google Play and Apple App stores. The app will next ask for information about the cruise, any flights, proof of immunization, and a negative COVID-19 test. 

The app compares the information entered with the destination’s and cruise’s criteria. When the pass message appears on the screen, the passengers know they are ready to go on their journey. If not, it gives you time to make changes before you arrive at the embarkation port.

Carnival Cruise Line VeriFLY AppCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

Daon, the business behind the health app, has been dealing with sensitive data for years, producing solutions for customers such as digital banking, insurance, border security, and others.

“Carnival has long been regarded as a leader in leisure travel, offering exceptional holiday experiences to its visitors,” added Grissen. “Daon is thrilled to be able to support Carnival with our VeriFLY digital wallet so that they may continue to give their passengers with a flawless travel experience.”

Because the app is approved at airports and cruise terminals, it will assist in expediting the check-in and document verification process at the airport before to departure, as well as the cruise terminal check-in procedure. The software also sends out notifications when the travel window is about to shut.

As travel rules have grown more uniform throughout the globe, applications like VeriFLY have proven to be more useful in travelers’ everyday lives. They will undoubtedly assist in expediting the check-in procedure prior to a cruise, something many visitors would appreciate. 

Carnival Cruise Line VeriFLY App

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