Carnival Cruise Line, the world’s largest cruise company, has nixed smoking in casinos and is addressing booster shots. In addition to these changes, Carnival will be introducing a wellness program during their upcoming trips that includes health seminars and healthy meal options. Ф

The “carnival magic non smoking casino” is a cruise line that has decided to no longer allow smoking in their casinos. The Carnival Magic will be sailing out of Miami, Florida and will not have any casinos that are designated as smoking areas.

Carnival Cruise Line Nixes Smoking In Casinos, Addresses Booster Shots

Carnival Cruise Line confirmed in a letter to customers that smoking would be prohibited in all casinos throughout the fleet from now until January 31, 2022.

carnival horizonCarnival Horizon is a cruise ship that departs from (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

In addition to addressing these and other recent changes in health procedures, brand ambassador John Heald clarified the company’s attitude on booster injections.

The Most Recent Information

casino bar now gone carnival vistaCarnival Vista’s (since defunct) Casino Bar

“We wish to inform you on the COVID-19 procedures we are adopting fleet-wide for sailings through January 31, 2022 as we react to the Omicron version,” the letter says in part, “in preparation for your cruise.”

“All guests, aged two and up, are expected to wear masks at all times while inside, save when eating or drinking or when in their own cabins,” the letter continues. Outdoors, masks are essential “if physical distance cannot be maintained in big assemblages.”

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“Until further notice, there will be no smoking in the casino,” said a single statement, which surprised many.

This triggered an almost immediate uproar from smokers, who have been complaining in recent years about the diminishing locations where they are allowed to light up.

While no explanations on why this approach was enacted were provided, Heald said that the adjustment was made “based on this new variation, which, from what the health specialists say, is something that we need to be careful about.”


Heald had further bad news for customers who indicated they would be canceled as a consequence of the casino’s no-smoking policy: “If you are going to cancel, as some of you have threatened me with, there will still be fines.”

Instead, he hoped that passengers would “remember why you purchased the cruise, which wasn’t to smoke in the casino, but to be in the casino, to have fun, to experience the hospitality of our amazing staff members, and to have fun.”

Is it necessary to take booster shots?


Heald also took the opportunity to clarify Carnival Cruise Line’s view on booster injections, which had been left unclear by the protocol-explaining letter.

“I wanted you to hear it from me,” Heald continued, “and I really regret if that wasn’t clear enough.” “You do not need a booster.” Yes, we advise you to get one. I’ve had mine, and I’m sure many of you have as well. However, if you have not yet received your booster, you are still welcome to join your cruise.”

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The misunderstanding seems to have stemmed from a passage in the letter given to visitors that said that the CDC “highly recommends that all people over 16 years” get the booster vaccine if they are eligible.

“All visitors who are eligible for a booster immunization should acquire it at least seven days before boarding.”

Booster shots are recommended by Carnival, but they are not necessary at this time.

Finally, Heald said that the firm To stay up with what’s going on in the world, we have to continually modifying these protocols. Because if we don’t, if we don’t keep you safe and care after you, the cruise industry will cease to exist.”

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Carnival Cruise Line announced that they will be banning smoking in all casinos, and adding a line of boosters shots. Reference: carnival cruise cigars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you smoke in casino on Carnival cruise?

A: It depends on the casino and where they are located. Most casinos have designated areas for smoking which is usually outside of the gaming area, but some allow it indoors.

Where are the smoking areas on Carnival horizon?

A: On Carnival Horizon, there are designated smoking areas. There is a large outdoor area at the front of the ship with two separate sections for smokers and non-smokers. The indoor smoking section is located in front of the casino on deck 11, by slot machines 6/7

Do cruise ships allow smoking?

A: In the United States, cruise ships are required to allow smoking anywhere on board. Some parts of their ship may have designated areas for smokers and non-smokers, but most places will be completely smoke free.

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