The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised families going on the Carnival Cruise Line to halt their plans. They are asking people planning to travel with children who have not been fully vaccinated not to board the cruise line, as they may spread disease while onboard. Experts say this is one of the most difficult situations in recent history where a business has had difficulty balancing safety with profit.

Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they will be taking passengers who are not vaccinated for two destinations. This announcement comes just days after the CDC released a warning about the measles outbreak in California. Read more in detail here: carnival cruise announcement today.

The cruise company informed in a letter to passengers who have booked a vacation that the most recent port to receive tourists, the Cayman Islands, which just began receiving ships this week, and Bermuda, would not let unvaccinated guests ashore.

Unvaccinated passengers are advised to avoid two ports.

On March 23, Carnival Cruise Line issued a warning about ship trips to Grand Cayman and Bermuda on sailings until December 31, 2022. Guests under the age of 12 will not be permitted ashore and will be required to stay aboard.

“As locations continue to shift,” Carnival Cruise Line notified passengers who had booked these cruises. Unvaccinated visitors 12 years and older will not be allowed to walk ashore when we visit Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, according to authorities. Our records indicate that you, or someone in your party, is subject to the new rule and must stay aboard.”

Protocols for Carnival Cruise LinesProtocols for Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival updated the two ports to its protocols page on the same day as the advice. On the Have Fun, Be Safe procedures website, there is now a list of eight Caribbean locations that have limitations in place for unvaccinated cruise ship passengers. It’s also worth noting that any procedures for other modes of transportation may vary.

  • Limon, Costa Rica — Guests who have not been vaccinated will be required to stay on board.
  • Guests aged 16 and above must stay on board the Grand Turk.
  • Bermuda – Guests aged 12 and over are required to stay on board.
  • Guests aged 12 and above must stay on board while visiting Grand Cayman.
  • Guests aged 12 and above must stay on board at St. Kitts.
  • Bonaire – Guests aged 12 and above must remain on board.
  • Tortola – Guests aged 12 and above must remain on board.

Unvaccinated passengers must stay aboard, according to Carnival Cruise Line’s agreements with San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association may have medical exemptions for folks to get off in other countries, for persons who can’t be vaccinated, that is not something we are going to support,” Cayman Islands Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan stated on a local radio station. Unless they are under the age of 12, anybody who comes off will have to be vaccinated.”

Carnival Cruise Ships in Grand CaymanGrand Cayman Carnival Cruise Ships (Cruise Hive/Creative Commons)

Guests who paid for shore excursions on these voyages will get a refund. It’s unclear when or even if these limitations will be eliminated. As immunizations grow more popular, it seems that more and more places will be making similar choices.

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As shown this week, George Town, Grand Cayman, has long been a favorite stop for Carnival Cruise Ships. On March 23, the first two Carnival cruise ships arrived on the island for the first time in two years.

More ships are expected to visit Grand Cayman in the coming weeks. As part of its first phase of welcoming back cruise guests, the western Caribbean island reopened to cruise ships on March 21.

Carnival Cruise Ships at Grand Cayman

The “cruise lines that don’t require covid vaccine” is a term used to describe cruise lines that allow passengers who are not vaccinated to board. There are two destinations where this happens.

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