The Capital One restaurant deal is a marketing ploy from the bank to get more customers. However, as one might expect, these special tables are already gone and members of their rewards program have been able to reserve them since last month.

The “how to cancel capital one card” is a problem that has been present for a while. Capital One has released special tables just for their card members.

Capital One Rewards Cards Offering Special Restaurant Tables Set Aside For Cardmembers

Capital One Rewards Cards have reserved exclusive restaurant tables for cardholders.

on February 23, 2022 by Gary Leff

Chef José Andrés, the MICHELIN Guide, and the James Beard Foundation are collaborating on a new dining site that combines handpicked restaurant suggestions with reservations reserved for Capital One rewards cardholders. For ‘Premium Access,’ they’re no longer reliant on OpenTable.

The Capital One Dining app and will debut in March with over 350 restaurants in 11 cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

There are two important aspects to this:

  • Curation of restaurants. There are several solid suggestion sites; for example, Chase just purchased The Infatuation, which is pretty nice. Instead of being review-driven, Capital One’s version is ‘expert advised’ (with huge names) (such as Yelp).
  • Special permission is required. American Express used to market this, but it’s difficult to do it now, so I’m glad to see Capital One delivering reservations at peak times in top places only for its rewards credit card clients. If this grows to meet demand, it’s enough of an incentive to have a Capital One rewards card if you’re a gourmet.

    Expect José Andrés restaurants to be involved, including minibar, where I first tried molecular gastronomy 18 years ago before moving on to El Bulli, Fat Duck, Bo Innovation, and other restaurants.

    The sample list of restaurants they supplied with me includes some terrific options — outstanding restaurants, some with limited availability, and others that may be difficult to get into on busy evenings, such as Rezdôra and L’Artusi in New York City.


Cardmembers who utilize Capital One Dining for the first time will be asked to confirm their contact location, and they may modify their profile with preferences (such as birthdays, anniversaries, and dietary preferences), which are shared with restaurants when they make a reservation. The SevenRooms platform is used to make reservations.

It’ll be fascinating to watch how choices are regularly recognized; I’ve never seen this done consistently when entering preferences into a booking site, but maybe things have changed in some of the better locations over the last number of years.

All rewards cardmembers will have access to exclusive reservation inventory for Capital One clients. Capital One declined to comment on whether specific clients (such as those with the premium Venture X card or those with the dining-focused Savor card) would have better access.


They do indicate that after the first launch, they would continue to add features and advantages. Hopefully, this will expand to cover other cities. Because they aren’t (yet?) coming to Austin, it’ll be another tool I’ll need to remember for travel rather than something I’ll likely put into muscle memory.

Finally, the amount of value delivered by the Capital One Dining platform is determined by how differentiated and superior their curation is compared to the competition, as well as whether they are able to provide restaurant access at popular restaurants where cardmembers would otherwise be unable to dine.

While the details may differ every restaurant, Capital One assures me that there will be true set asides during peak times, and they will be accessible when the restaurant’s booking window opens. They recommend scheduling more than 24 hours in advance and “not necessarily an hour in advance” to secure the best table at a difficult table.

Their belief is that they’ve done enough work with restaurants and have technologically linked this well enough with reservations systems to be able to deliver seamlessly to both consumers and restaurants in a fashion that’s easy to manage.

Capital One has also been offering cardholders exceptional experiences with famous restaurants and chefs, which I’m informed will continue. In some ways, the dining platform is more of an evolution and next step in a larger plan than anything entirely new.


Chase features an eating center. Resy, which was formerly a Capital One partner, was bought by American Express. Customers desire to have an experience engagement with major players in premium credit card rewards. In the case of dining, the bet is that cardmembership is more than simply a payment mechanism, producing a level of loyalty that transaction-based refunds can’t equal. Meanwhile, here are some of the world’s most memorable eating experiences.

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