It’s been a busy week for Expedia. The company recently announced they would be laying off employees, and now it seems that the website is being plagued with problems. With all of this happening, what will happen to Expedia? Plus I was forced to use Amex for customer service oopsie on my latest flight booking!

The “egencia customer service phone number” is a question that has been asked by many. Expedia, the popular travel website, has had some major issues with their customer service. This article will help to answer your questions about Amex and Expedia.

Is it Possible for Expedia to Get Worse? Also, apologies to Amex Customer Service.

on November 4, 2021 by Gary Leff

News and tidbits from the internet:

  • Expedia is modifying Expedia Rewards again again; they’ve already made the program so ineffective that I’ve quit caring. However, if they really “integrate all of their online booking properties” into a single rewards system, members would be the main losers. Although the program isn’t as lucrative as it previously was, it still offers a 10% discount every ten nights, and under the Expedia Rewards model, it will offer even less.

    By the way, Chase is in the midst of switching their travel site from Expedia to CXLoyalty, which they bought a year ago.

    Can-Expedia-Actually-Get-Worse-Plus-Amex-Customer-Service-Oops Because their point-earning no longer covers a room, Expedia dancers are outside. Juggernautco (Flickr)

  • Revenue-based mileage earning for Air Canada flights (including partner flights on Air Canada tickets) has been delayed until “at least the end of 2022,” according to Air Canada’s Aeroplan program. [v]evolving client requirements and tastes as we leave the epidemic” and that other IT projects were more crucial. When it does happen, they promise to provide “appropriate early warning of this change.”
  • The family of the guy dissected in the Marriott ballroom claims they did not consent. (Photo courtesy of T.)

    The public may buy tickets for much to $500 to see an autopsy and dissection of a human body in person. The event is part of the Oddities & Curiosities Expo, which travels around the United States.

    [His body] was given to a private business, which the family hoped would utilize it for medical research. Instead, Saunders found himself in the focus of an autopsy and dissection in front of a live, paying audience in a Portland Marriott hotel ballroom.

    Arne Sorenson has previously said that he does not judge which organizations choose to organize events at Marriott hotels. The sole takeaway for me is that “donating a body to science doesn’t mean what you believe it means” – which is possibly more important to know than you would imagine.

  • MyPanera+ coffee subscription is free for Amex cards for six months. By January 31, 2022, you must have signed up. They will charge you $8.99+tax each month once your trial period has ended. This includes two hours of unlimited coffee or tea, as well as unlimited refills.

    One Mile at a Time rightly points out that Panera is not being compensated for this advantage, but argues that “no money is crossing hands directly here.” I’m not convinced; considering that cardmembers only receive a 6-month membership before being charged, I’m guessing American Express is being paid to promote this to its consumers.

  • This is fantastic.

    I’m still considering canceling [insert product]. Nonetheless, thank you!!!!

    November 3, 2021 — Emily McNutt (@mcnutt emily)

  • I signed up for this targeted Hyatt offer, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay at a Hyatt for 10 nights (much alone 50!) before mid-January. The deal is explained by the fact that travel is considerably reduced during this time.


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