This week we have received important news of cruise cancellations from the major cruise lines and the opening of domestic cruises in the UK.

Cruise News

It’s only been a few days, and this week we’ve seen a number of significant developments in the cruise industry, including the cancellation of several Carnival-owned cruise lines, the extension of Royal Caribbean’s suspension, the unveiling of the name of a third cruise ship from Virgin Voyages, and yes, finally some good news with domestic cruises in the UK getting the green light. So let’s get into the details.


Princess Cruises cancels other trips

Let’s start with Princess Cruise, whose operations from Los Angeles, California; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Rome, Italy have been extended through June 30. June 2021 announced.

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This affects cruises to the Caribbean, California Coast, Mexico and the Mediterranean, as they will not resume until July 2021. Here are the details for each of the Princess cruise ships involved:

  • A Caribbean princess: Seven-day cruises in the Western and Eastern Caribbean
  • The Enchanted Princess: Seven-day Mediterranean and Adriatic cruises, seven-day Western Mediterranean cruises and 14-day Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Medley cruises.
  • Ruby the Princess: A seven-day stay on the classic California coast, a seven-day stay on the Mexican Riviera and a five-day stay in Cabo San Lucas.

Princess Cruises also recently announced that it will continue to cancel cruises from the UK in favor of Alaska.

Looks like it: Several Carnival cruise brands cancel more trips

Holland America cancels further sailings

Another cruise brand, Carnival, has also decided to cancel more sailings. Holland Line of America has now suspended its European operations until the 30th. June 2021. This now means that cruises will not begin until July 2021 at the earliest.

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Another suspension covers cruises in May and June on the Nyia Statendam, the Volendam and the Westerdam, as well as pick-up trips in connection with the cancelled cruises. The following are the specific details provided by the cruise line for each of the ships concerned:

  • Nieuw Statendam: Eight starts from 2. May to 27. June 2021, which include seven- and 14-day itineraries in Norway and the Baltics, as well as 14- and 21-day collectors’ trips from these cruises.
  • Wollendam: The 19th. In June 2021, the 14-day Adriatic Dream cruise and the 24-day Adriatic Dream and Greek Odyssey cruise depart on the same day.
  • Westerdam: 19. In June 2021, a 12-day cruise in Greece and the Adriatic and a 24-day cruise in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean for novelists departing on the same day.

Holland America Line had already suspended its cruise operations worldwide and suspended all sailings on all ships until the 30th. April 2021, Mediterranean cruises cancelled until early June, and all sailings to and from a Canadian port cancelled in 2021.

Extension suspension Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean has decided to extend the suspension until the 31st. May 2021, which means cruises may not resume until June. However, this excludes certain vessels. This expansion applies to all cruise brands, including Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Silversea Cruises.

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Excluded from the suspension are Quantum of the Seas, which currently cruises from Singapore to nowhere, and Odyssey of the Seas, which will sail from Israel starting in May next year. The new cancellations also exclude China Spectrum Seas and Voyager Seas, which will sail from the 30th. Drive from April to May and beyond.

In response to this renewal, Royal Caribbean has updated its cruise information in line with the Trust’s cancellation policy. The popular program has been extended until the 31st. May be expanded 2021 to include a sailboat up to 30. April 2022 to navigate.

Third maiden name from cruise shipopen

Virgin Voyages has announced the name of its next cruise ship. The third addition to the fleet is aptly named Resilient Lady.

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The Lady Resilient will have her home port in Piraeus, Greece, where she will sail from the summer of 2022; her arrival is scheduled for 1. Delivery in July 2022. It will be the second ship in the fleet to sail in the Mediterranean. The sister ship Valiant Lady will also sail in the Mediterranean and is scheduled for delivery in July this year.

That the company chose the name Resilient Lady for its newest cruise ship seems appropriate given the circumstances.

Starting in the summer of 2022, the ship will sail two separate 7-day itineraries in the Mediterranean from Athens, Greece. Like its sister ship, it will have a capacity of 110,000 gross tons and serve adults only.

Green light for UK domestic traffic

After Robert Courts, the UK Shipping Minister, told several MPs that cruises, at least domestic, could resume on 17. May 2021.

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The announcement comes after the British government began taking steps to ease tensions in the country, according to a road map Prime Minister Boris Johnson has laid out for the country. Although the pandemic plagued the UK for many months, the successful application of the vaccine laid the groundwork for a rapid return to a new normal.

Robert Corts, Minister of Aviation, Shipping and Safety, was speaking at the virtual meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Maritime Group (APPMPG). He told MPs that the government is working with England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to organise cruises across the UK.

This means that flights to and from UK ports are likely to operate from 17 December. May 2021 are possible again.

P&O Cruises, the UK’s largest cruise operator, said it was just weeks away from its 17th year in business. It will be until May before cruises can resume, but he is happy with the news. The company is even already planning cruises to the UK just this summer, with more details to come.

More news from the cruise industry

We bring you more cruise news, including new possibilities for P&O’s next mega-ship, Alaska could be back on the table, and we find out when each cruise line plans to start cruising again.

You can also read the cruise news of the past few weeks.

frequently asked questions

Will cruises be cancelled in 2021?

Cruise lines continue to cancel sailings through 2021. (Updated at 12 p.m. ET) — Faced with rising levels of COVID-19 infection around the world and unclear guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cruise lines have begun halting travel well into the first half of 2021.

Are there any cruises in March 2021?

Update 2: The cruise line will not be renewed until the 2021 season, which begins in March 2021. Update 3: Celestyal Cruises now plans to launch cruises on the 24th. April 2021 resumes with 7 nightly trips to the Aegean. Update 4: On the 10th. In March 2021, the cruise line announced it would begin cruises on the 29th. Still in May.

Is it safe to book a cruise for 2021?

If you want to play it safe, book a cruise later in 2021 or 2022. If you dream of being one of the first passengers on board (and don’t want to be too disappointed if your cruise is cancelled), you can book your cruise any time after the scheduled resumption of cruises.

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