If you are a foodie, bacon will always be a staple in your life. Whether it is a bacon-wrapped hot dog, a bacon and egg sandwich, or a bacon-wrapped chocolate donut, you will always love it when bacon is involved. The bacon is the star of the show, and without it, the bacon-loving world would be incomplete.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a Carnival Cruise vacation with my girlfriend, and every day was filled with something to do. There were dance parties every night, lots of activities, and some new experiences and foods to try. But for one particular food item, I had never heard of it until I got on the ship. I can barely pronounce bacon, and I don’t really care for it, but I think it’s funny to talk about Bacon, for this blog post, at all.

If you’re a regular seafood eater, you might want to go find some friends in the deep end of the ocean to hang out with because the Carnival Corporation is about to completely change the way the cruise industry operates. The corporation, which has owned Carnival Cruise Line since 1996, recently announced the largest single investment in its history: the purchase of Norwegian Cruise Line for $2.2 billion. This means that unless Norwegian’s competition is willing to match that price, the Carnival Corporation will soon own the two largest cruise lines in the world.. Read more about carnival cruise line news and let us know what you think.

Carnival Cruise Line has been back in business for almost a month, and we’ve received more than enough reports regarding COVID-19 and vaccines throughout that time. But there’s a lot more going on at America’s favorite cruise company.

Multiple ships have received the new livery makeover, including Carnival Valor this week, while Carnival Legend is now in dry dock for upgrades. Seven Carnival cruise ships have returned to service, with a total of 15 ships expected to be active by the end of October. But, most importantly, where is the bacon?

Bacon is only served once in a while.

It’s been the talk of the town, and it’s got a lot of people upset. Onboard Carnival’s ships, bacon is in short supply. Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald even created a special ‘bacon’ post last week, after reports that the cruise line had been cutting down on the bacon.

The real cause is a nationwide hog scarcity in the United States, along with increasing demand. Nonetheless, there’s cause for John Heald to take a deep breath and relax:

“Sourcing bacon for our ships is proving difficult for our suppliers. I swear this has nothing to do with my six-week cruise on the Carnival Horizon and Mardi Gras.

At the Lido Buffet, we’ll temporarily switch to an every-other-day bacon schedule. If you encounter this notice on Lido during your cruise, it means we won’t be serving bacon that day. But don’t be alarmed. It will be returned the next day. For the day, just a little ba-cation. Meanwhile, breakfast ham and sausage will be available. No one likes bacon as much as I do. As a result, if I can accomplish it, so can you.”

The Carnival Legend is now in dry dock.

The Carnival Legend will be the second ship to get the new Carnival livery. Carnival will spread out the stunning blue hull originally seen during Mardi Gras throughout the whole fleet. The deep blue officer uniforms and the distinctive hues of the Carnival funnel influenced the new hull design.

Carnival Valor debuted her new livery last week, bringing the total number of ships with new liveries to five: Mardi Gras, Carnival Magic, Carnival Glory, and Carnival Dream.

Carnival ValorTony Davis contributed to this image.

The dry dock for the Carnival Legend will focus on routine hotel maintenance and cosmetic enhancements, as well as the new red, white, and blue hull design and paint scheme, the relocation of the Arcade, which will replace the Chapel and the Library on Deck 3, and the addition of The Cove, an arts and crafts center, which will replace the Video Arcade on Deck 4.

Carnival Legend is expected to emerge from dry dock on August 20 and sail with passengers again on November 14 for a seven-day voyage from Baltimore, Maryland, to Bermuda, where the ship will spend three days in The Dockyard (Sandy’s Parish).

What Is the Number of Carnival Ships That Have Returned?

Carnival Cruise Line is resuming service on its ships in the coming months, one at a time. Seven Carnival cruise ships have resumed service from Miami, Port Canaveral, Galveston, and Seattle thus far.

The company’s newest cruise ship, Mardi Gras, arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico today, and her next port of call will be Amber Cove. The Mardi Gras’ last stop in Puerto Rico was exciting, as the ship came upon an almost submerged vessel late at night.

Carnival Miracle is now docked in Seattle, Washington, in preparation for a new Alaska trip. The Carnival Sunrise was the sixth Carnival cruise ship to set sail this week, sailing from Port Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The Prime Minister of the nation was looking forward to her arrival. She is currently sailing from Ocho Rios to Bimini in the Bahamas, her next stop.

Carnival Sunrise in Ocho RiosOcho Rios’ Carnival Sunrise (Photo Credit: Jamaica Port Authority)

Carnival Horizon, which is presently docked at Half Moon Cay, is another Carnival ship that has resumed operations. Carnival Breeze is now traveling from Galveston to Costa Maya, while Carnival Magic is the sixth ship in the fleet to resume service. The ship set off from Port Canaveral, Florida, on August 7.

Last but not least, the Carnival Vista, which departs from Galveston, Texas. The first Carnival ship to resume service is now docked in Honduras’ Roatan. She had some problems the previous week, which you can read about here.

Carnival Panorama will be the next ship to resume service; she will be the second ship to operate on the west coast, this time from Long Beach, California.

The more ships that run, the more things return to normal for Carnival Cruise Line. Even if there isn’t enough bacon!

Carnival Cruise Ship

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