AmaWaterways founder and co-chair Rudi Schreiner and Travel Leaders Group president John Lovell launched the latest virtual discussion.

Schreiner updated travel consultants on AmaWaterways’ operations and said the company hopes to cruise this summer, but also said it could happen later in the season.


I think we’ll sail for a few months this year, Schreiner said.

For the future, he was optimistic.

Americans are willing to travel – they want to travel longer, and the question is when will Europe open up, he said.

Schreiner believes 2022 will be an incredibly strong year, and he notes that the cruise line has also opened up bookings for 2023.

Current trend

Of course, the issue of vaccination requirements was raised, but Mr. Schreiner noted that AmaWaterways operates cruises in Europe with local hosts and he does not see the need for vaccinations.

For our part, we’re keeping things open for now for government restrictions and such. I’m not saying you should get the vaccine, Scriener said. There could be traces of vaccines or a negative Covid test. By the time you have gone through all the steps to board the ships, you will probably be in good health, and for family travel, the children will not have been vaccinated. For our business, we stay open and go with the flow, because things change every week. Our crew and staff have been vaccinated.

Schreiner also explained how river cruise safety depends on the operation of onboard air circulation, as well as some of the recent improvements and repairs to the ship, including the redesign of AmaWaterways’ restaurants with more outdoor seating and new breakfast and lunch options that eliminate the need for a buffet.

I think when you think of a good restaurant, you want a menu, Shriner said. The buffet concept has been on my radar for years.

Now, at breakfast on AmaWaterways’ ships, in addition to the menu, guests are also offered bread and a plate of fruit when they sit down. There will be two action stations.

Everyone’s on a full menu.

Mr. Schreiner also took the time to look at the cruise company’s new long and multi-hull yachts and noted that there is a lot of interest in them.

Even before we hit the market, meetings and webinars showed that the demand was incredibly high, he said. They were already working on the second one because there was so much interest.

Schreiner and Lovell also talked about their tips for surviving this year when the industry is shut down, with Lovell noting that AmaWaterways has made provisions for a year without cruises.

It’s important to have an emergency plan, said Schreiner, who added that his basic principle for dealing with a pandemic is to keep as many people away as possible.

AmaWaterways has been trying to attract and retain its employees by helping those who are struggling.

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