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Gary Leff at the age of 11. March 2021.

Loyalty is not primarily about points or benefits. This is not a transaction. It’s about building relationships based on customer care and trust. This is difficult even for elite performers, as this group can range from several tens of thousands (for top elites) to seven figures (for lower elites).

The program systematizes guest services. Benefits include. When formulating a benefits package, it is critical to understand what matters most to the customers who matter most. So a travel brand often cares about the people it cares about.

How some brands care for the family and friends of their best customers

Hyatt’s high elite members enjoy a benefit called guest of honour: when they present an award for a stay, they can also present it to a person with high elite status for that stay. So the person offering free nights can get an upgrade and late check out and breakfast.

They understand that when I book a room for my wife’s parents, for example, I don’t just want to give them a place to sleep; I want to make sure they have a smooth stay.

Each year United Airlines awards the spouse or partner of its Million Mile members the same elite status as Million Mile members. I care more about how the people I love are treated than I do about myself.

Some programs allow elite members – or wealthy elites who exceed the minimum requirements for status – to offer status to someone else. But like United’s Million Mailer benefit, it’s only available to one person. And the people you want to take care of are usually not frequent travelers. Giving you a year of status is overkill if you can only use it a few times. Hyatt’s approach is better.

Air Canada’sstatus allows elites to give a gift to anyone withday status.

When Air Canada announced the details of its new program, it told us it would introduce status cards in March 2021. It’s now available as a preferred benefit for Air Canada elite members with 50,000 miles or more.

In addition to basic elite privileges, Aeroplan Elite members can choose the privileges they prefer, including status passes.

Parameter for status transfer:

  • 50K elites can choose 2 passes per status
  • 75K elites can choose 3 passes per status
  • Super Elites can choose 4 Tier Passes, in addition to the 2 they get each year.

At launch in 2021, 50K and 75K elite members will have a separate status card in addition to these options.

Status services:

  • 3 free bags worth £70 each
  • Priority check-in, luggage, security, boarding (zone 2) and waiting.
  • Access to the Maple Leaf Lounge

This does not apply to upgrades or to travel benefits on partner airlines.

These passes can be used for all bookings on the Air Canada website or via the Air Canada app (including award tickets) and are valid for all travellers on a booking, meaning one pass can be used for family travel and covers the return trip when booked in this way.

Of course, not everyone appreciates this benefit or has someone to point it out to. I once spoke aboard a Southwest Airlines passenger about the irony of their passports – they travel so much and earn so many passports that they haven’t had time to find a companion. So it’s the benefit of choice that makes sense.

Taking care of the people who are important to your customers is.

The reason my wife has an authorized user card on my American Express Platinum Card account is that when she travels without me, she has access to the Centurion lounge and Delta Sky Clubs (when flying Delta) and it gives her hotel and rental car status. I want their trips to be as good as possible if I can’t be there.

At the same time, the fastest way to lose a customer is to treat them badly. Not only does it hurt the loyal member more than a single instance of bad behavior, but it also shames them for the loyalty choices they’ve made (I can’t believe you’re loyal ____, it’s such a bad thing) to someone whose opinion they really care about.

Status serves both to generate loyalty and to protect loyal relationships. This is a strategy that more programs should consider.

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