When you fly, you want to arrive at your destination in one piece and in one piece only. Avianca Flight Avi903 — a Boeing 757 — was scheduled to depart Bogota at 9:13 p.m. local time and was scheduled to arrive in Medellin, Colombia at 10:30 p.m. local time. However, an hour into the flight, the aircraft received a severe electrical shock that shut down the flight controls and flight crew. The flight crew managed to get the electrical system running, but they didn’t have enough time to get the aircraft to air traffic control for a safe landing.

When you are planning a trip, there are several things you have to think about. Do you want to pack light, or do you want to go with a more “normal” size? Should you get a carry-on or a checked bag? What time of day should you travel? And one of the most important things you have to decide is how long to stay. Should you go for a week, or just get a few days to relax.

There’s no denying it: travel is once again in full swing. This includes airline travel, which already this summer exceeded 2019 levels. For eager tourists who have been waiting to get back out there, the return of travel is a pleasant sight, but some businesses may have miscalculated the time of its return.

Staffing shortages are a problem for airlines and airports, for example. Airlines were forbidden from laying off employees after receiving government payroll assistance, yet they nevertheless managed to do it by providing voluntary departures, buyouts, and early retirement incentives.


Airlines are scrambling to meet demand due to an overabundance of passengers and a shortage of staff. Delta Air Lines has stated that it would recruit more flight attendants, and Southwest Airlines is offering financial rewards to employees who recommend others.

While airlines try to find a new equilibrium, travel advisers may have customers who are experiencing unexpected flight delays. Though delays are inconvenient for everyone concerned, ALG Vacations has some tips for dealing with them.

The first step is to alleviate anxiety by confirming that your customers’ bookings include Travel Protection Plus. This insurance package provides up to $500 for missed connections due to aircraft delays and up to $300 for baggage delays, in addition to the “cancel for any reason” coverage.

Travel advisers like to be the point of contact for their customers, but bad weather may strike early in the morning or late at night, disrupting their plans. When agents make a reservation in VAX, there is a section where they may enter client contact information. Filling up this section easily guarantees that the customer is notified of any airline changes if they occur while you are gone from your workstation.

Passenger rebooking his delayed flight Rebooking a delayed flight by a passenger. (picture courtesy of Izabela Habur / getty images)

Staying ahead of the game is another strategy to safeguard your clients against flight delays. You may usually anticipate delays caused by severe weather or if the carrier reports a system outage or other problems. By gathering this crucial information ahead of time, you’ll be prepared with a backup or two in case your customer requires a different mode of transportation. This may involve using a different airline or renting a vehicle if the distance isn’t too great.

Providing these choices for your customers is simply another way to differentiate yourself and demonstrate your value, and it’s one of the reasons why more and more people choose to book holidays with travel advisers rather than computers.

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