Happy Easter!!! Even if you don’t attend church regularly, Easter is still an interesting and fun holiday for kids, and you can get them involved (and maybe even teach them a trick or two) with this fun Easter quiz for kids. It’s not hard to see why little ones are so excited about Easter: scavenger hunts in the garden, cute bunnies or chicks, and more chocolate than Christmas! But for Christians and Catholics, this pastel-colored game is the most important date on the religious calendar and a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is a great way to introduce children to the story of Jesus and to celebrate the new life of spring. It is also a very popular occasion to spend time with our families. With this Easter Quiz for kids with 20 multiple choice questions about Easter, you can test your knowledge and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Grab a pen, paper and a bag of mini eggs and get ready to play our fun Christmas quiz for the kids!


There are 20 Easter questions, all with multiple-choice answers. Choose the answer that seems right to you. Try to answer all 20 questions, then click the link at the bottom of the quiz to see the answers. Don’t cheat!

Get ready to jump!

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Fun Easter Quiz

easter quiz kids Happy Easter Bunny… (Image: DaPuglet)

1. Does Easter take place on the same day every year?

(a) Yes) at night
Only in leap years.

2. Why are eggs usually associated with Easter?

a) They are a good source of protein.
b) They symbolize the new season. c) You
can use any Christmas chocolates.
d) Because they are super cute.

3. Here’s a question for the kids’ quiz on Easter: what’s the name of the game where you look for Easter eggs and put them in a basket?

Easter adventure)
hide and seek
) Easter egg hunt

4. What kind of hat is traditionally made and decorated for a special Easter parade?

a) Egg hat
) Rabbit hat)
Red Cross

5. What kind of goodies do you make during Mardi Gras?

a) Pancakesb)
Scrambled eggs
on toastb)
Braised rabbit
) Turkey dinner

6. What is the religious term for the 40 days before Easter?

(a) February) Dry
January (b)

7. What kind of cake-like rolls are eaten at Easter?

a) Rainbow Bagel)
Crisscross Sponge)
Dinosaur Egg Puddingd
) Hot Crisscross Buns

8 This is a tough question for an Easter quiz for kids! How many countries in the world celebrate Christian Easter?

a) 38 countries b)
52 countries c)
95 countries d)
123 countries

9. True or false: Easter Island is a real place in the world.

what is easter trivia Rainbow eggs for Easter (Image: Stephanie Lamphere)

You’re halfway through our fun Easter quiz. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

10. Name a traditional Easter cake decorated with 12 marzipan balls?

a) Signal Cake b)
Crazy Cactus
Dinner cookie.

11 No Easter quiz is complete without the Easter Bunny! But what other animal is commonly found around Easter?

a) chicken)

12. Which of these days is NOT a holy day of the week?

a) Maundy Thursday b)
Good Friday c) Holy Saturday d)
Palm Sunday

13. The first day of Holy Week celebrates the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem; on what animal?

(a) Donkey)
White horse)

14) What does the Bible call the food eaten on Maundy Thursday?

a) The great feast
. b) The first feast. c)
The last supper. d) The
red feast.

15 The President of the United States traditionally holds a famous Easter gathering in front of the White House on Capitol Hill in Washington. What is it called?

16th best question for an Easter quiz for kids (I bet the adults don’t know). In the movie Hop, what is E.B.’s dream job?

(a) The carrot grower
. Soap opera actor
. Doctor
. Drummer in a rock band.

17. What is a modern digital “Easter egg”?

a) A message, image or artifact hidden in a video game or movie.
b) A secret reference to Jesus in a movie that is not from Eastern Europe.
c) A DVD is egg-shaped, not round.
d) A bug in a video game or digital movie.

18. In France, every Easter Monday, the people of O make a giant Easter omelet that is served to more than 1 000 people. How many eggs are broken in the giant pan?

a) 10,000b)

greece red easter eggs Traditional red eggs (Image: Jim Candias)

19. In most places, eggs are painted in the colors of the rainbow, but which country has only red Easter eggs?

(a) Italy (b)
(c) China
(d) Denmark

20. Which of these famous rabbits appears in the Disney classic?

a) Peter Rabbit. b)
Roger Rabbit. c)
d) Thumper.



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