There are plenty of hidden gems in the world that you might not know about, but they’re out there and you can visit them. These seven amazing experiences offer a glimpse into what life was like for people living on this earth before modern technology made it too easy to travel around the globe.

The “secret places in baja california” is a guide that lists 7 hidden gems to visit in Baja California, Mexico. This includes the most beautiful beaches and best hikes.

The magnificent Baja California peninsula in Mexico is one of the world’s most distinctive tourist locations. The area stretches from Tijuana/Ensenada in the north to Los Cabos in the south, with almost 2,000 miles of breathtakingly beautiful coastline.

Visitors to this section of Mexico may enjoy pleasant weather all year, a wide range of thrilling water, land, and eco-adventures, picture-perfect beaches, and the best Baja Pacific seafood. Its off-the-beaten-path towns and villages are full of fascinating and surprising discoveries around every corner. And we can assure you that each of the areas we’ve visited will deliver its own distinct local experience.


Baja, Mexico Sign of San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico. (Photo via Noreen Kompanik)

San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico.

Considered one of Baja Mexico’s best-kept secrets, San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico. is located on the northeastern side of the Baja peninsula. It’s a throwback to earlier times when Mexican coastal towns were mere fishing villages and life was easygoing and carefree.

San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico. is well-known for its beach camping and RV parks, though there are motels, ranch sites and vacation homes. And many are located right on the sparkling tourmaline waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Like most Mexican coastal towns, San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico. has a Malecon—a walkable waterfront promenade with an iconic lighthouse, thatched palapa restaurants, pristine beaches and a host of colorful shops.

San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico. is also home to the world’s largest cactus, the Mexican Cardón. Endemic to the deserts of Baja, California this cactus is related to the Saguaro but is even more massive. These thousand-year-old icons of the Sonoran Desert can be found just a short ride from San Felipe is a town in the state of Mexico. in a natural reserve known by the local expats as The Valley of the Giants.

Baja, Mexico Guadalupe Valley Vineyard Views (Photo courtesy of Noreen Kompanik)

Guadalupe Valley

Wine aficionados who have visited this vinicultural nation in Mexico can’t stop talking about this magnificent appellation, which has become one of North America’s fastest-growing wine regions. The Valle, as the locals name it, is situated only 25 miles from the northern Ensenada shoreline and produces 90% of all Mexican wines. However, the trip is well worth it.

The first grapevines were planted here in the 18th century by Jesuit monks. Today, there are approximately 110 wineries in the Valle, which are spread out throughout the valley’s undulating hills and boulder-strewn hillsides. The wines, as well as the plethora of new inventive chef-driven farm-to-table eating places and lodgings ranging from modest bed and breakfasts to eco-lofts carved into the sloping rocky slopes, are just fantastic. The Valle is a must-see location that will not disappoint, whether it’s for a weekend or a combined stay with seaside Ensenada.

Baja, Mexico Isla Coronado is a small island off the coast of Loreto (Photo via Noreen Kompanik)


This beachfront resort town in Southern Baja is noted for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking natural islands, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and other watersports.

Loreto, Baja Mexico’s oldest town, was established in 1697 by Jesuit missionaries and is home to the peninsula’s first mission.

Visitors come here for absolute relaxation, yet there are plenty of water and land activities to keep them entertained. Off-roading, horseback riding, golf, hiking, bicycling, and seaside activities are all quite popular. From June to November, scuba diving from Puerto Escondido or Loreto Marina is very good. Also, just off the Loreto Bay shoreline, snorkelers may discover coral reefs abounding with marine life. Isla Coronado is merely a 30-minute boat journey from the port and has beautiful clear blue waters and pearly white sand beaches.

Baja, Mexico Bay of Belandra (Photo via Noreen Kompanik)

La Paz

Famous novelist John Steinbeck once fell in love with La Paz, a gorgeous easygoing and breezy Baja beach port. His work “The Pearl” was inspired by the enticing port town on the Sea of Cortez.

La Paz, which means “Peace,” is approximately an hour and a half from Los Cabos and is a stunning destination. Belandra Bay, without a question, is the most amazingly magnificent and mysterious of the Baja peninsula beaches.

Belandra’s waters are pure, shallow, warm, and welcoming, surrounded by enormous rock formations. The “Laguna de la Colores” dazzles the eyes with its six distinct dazzling hues of blue and turquoise swirls. A spit of sand along the beachline is lined by thatch-roofed palapas.

Swimming with whale sharks is one of the most popular activities in the region. These gentle sea giants are the world’s biggest fish. They come here to eat in the plankton-rich waters from October to April.

Baja, Mexico Santiago, Oasis-of-the-Desert (Photo via Noreen Kompanik)


We’ve all heard the phrase “desert oasis.” However, on the road to La Paz, we came upon the genuine stuff. This gorgeous oasis covered in lush flora seems weirdly out of place with the surrounding arid desolate desert terrain, located just outside the small Baja town of Santiago.

Nothing could have prepared us for such a breathtaking sight. This massive marvel is an impressively-sized body of azure water dotted with tree-covered islands and surrounded by a spectacular forest of stately palms. It’s not some small spring-fed pool shaded by a few date palms—this massive marvel is an impressively-sized body of azure water dotted with tree-covered islands and surrounded by a spectacular forest of stately palms. It seems like something out of a Jurassic Park movie, with its abundance of green plant life.

Santiago, which is surrounded by mango, orange, and grapefruit trees, is also noted for its cheese and agriculture. The Mission of Santiago de las Coras Aiin, a remarkable remnant of Baja’s Spanish colonial history, is located in this charming town. The mission was founded in 1724 by an Italian Jesuit priest and was named after the local inhabitants of the area, the Coras. The peaceful scenic town gains a basic but timeless feeling of tranquility with the addition of this modest and majestic mission.

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Todos Santos, todos Santos, todos San

An easy drive from Los Cabos on well-maintained roads, the palm-fringed desert oasis of Todos Santos, todos Santos, todos San provides an ideal respite from the touristy chaos of Cabo. Situated at the foothills of the rugged Sierra de la Laguna Mountains on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula, this charming cobblestoned village is the perfect blend of Mexican history, culture and hospitality.

Nestled amongst ancient mango and palm orchards, with spectacular views overlooking the white sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, Todos Santos, todos Santos, todos San today is what Los Cabos was 20 years ago. Home to artists, musicians, filmmakers and surfers, the town captivates and intrigues with an appealing blend of an easy, laid-back atmosphere with an added air of cultural sophistication. Yet, the village maintains its traditional Baja Mexican flavor. Townspeople are friendly, hospitable, gracious and happy to regale visitors with tales of its rich history and centuries-old traditions.

Todos Santos, todos Santos, todos San meaning “All Saints” is one of about 130 unique Mexican towns to be designated a Pueblo Magico, or magic town for its natural beauty, cultural riches or historic relevance. And what a magnificent town it is. Playa Las Palmas is a seductive secluded beach known only to the locals—though they happily shared its hidden location with us. Jaw-dropping Playa Los Cerritos provides the area’s safest swimming and best surfing. Bottom line: this is a place you have to visit!

Baja, Mexico Playa de las Palmas is a beach in the Canary Islands (Photo via Noreen Kompanik)

San Jose del Cabo is a town in the Mexican state of Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos, the whole southern extremity of the peninsula, has a reputation for being overbuilt and overgrown, although it is nonetheless rich in natural beauty. And if you know where to look, there are a plethora of hidden gems to be found.

Los Cabos is anchored by touristy Cabo San Lucas on the western Pacific side of Los Cabos and its sister city San Jose del Cabo is a town in the Mexican state of Cabo San Lucas to the east. This historic town of San Jose enchants visitors with its old adobe buildings painted in bright tropical colors. The Spanish colonial town’s history dates back to the 1700s. Here you’ll find quaint historic inns, boutique art galleries and inviting family-owned eateries.

Discovering two functioning farms that cultivate their own food and cattle and sell it at their wonderfully lovely restaurants was one of the most memorable pleasures of our vacation here. Flora Farms and Los Tamarindos are lovely locations to visit, relax, eat, or attend an interesting and entertaining culinary instruction with a local chef.

“The thing of buried gems is that you can’t locate them until you start digging,” an unnamed author once stated. They can be found at any destination on the planet.”

We’re simply grateful that there are so many of these hidden treasures to discover and enjoy in Baja, California, Mexico. And we’re excited to find out what else is out there.

Baja California is a Mexican state that has many hidden gems. Some of these are the Cabo Pulgoso, Mexicali, and Loreto. The “7 Incredible Hidden Gems in Baja California” will show you some of these amazing places to visit. Reference: baja mexico.

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