The following should be noted

Remember that every diving experience is different, what we have seen may not be obvious to you. News and visibility can also vary according to the season, time of day and year.

– Don’t expect to walk right into the ocean and have everything in front of you. You’ll have plenty of time to swim and explore. Each of the beaches listed below has its own locations scattered around the sea.

– Please wear or use a flotation device if you are not a good swimmer. Or learn to swim in the water! !! Don’t bother in the middle of the coral garden and stand right above it.

Ameda’s 6 best snorkeling spots, listed below, are easily accessible from shore and are suitable for everyone. The list is not in any particular order.

1. Own beach

Fresh Beach is the largest beach with the impressive Mount Agung. You may find it difficult to know where to start and where to stay. Below is a map and explanation of where to board and the best places to snorkel in Amed Beach.

Snorkeling from Amed beach in Bali, Indonesia.

Where to snorkel at Amed beach.

The best dive sites are between the Camessa Hotel and the Kembali Beach Bungalows. The current was going east, so I went into the water around the Camessa Hotel and snorkeled to the northeast about 10-15 feet from the big coral boulders. This is where the best snorkeling begins! From there you go snorkeling to the landing reef. I have often seen the turtle swim around this spot where the landing on the reef begins. From here, slowly make your way east along the slope, but be careful how far you are from the shore!

There are two turtles, the one I mentioned above and the other one used for swimming, a few meters from the shore in front of the Kembali Beach Bungalows. There is usually a swing in the water where I stop for a dip. From there I return to the Kameza Hotel, where we spend the night.


– Because the beach is a mixture of black sand and large pebbles, it’s usually very hot and uncomfortable to walk on, so I always bring my own flip-flops or ours to tuck into my bikini when I go diving.

– In the afternoon we noticed that the visibility was very poor, so you better snorkel in the morning or early afternoon on the beach of Amed.

Can you recognize a turtle? Snorkeling with the family on the beach of Amed.

The best freediving spots on Amed beach!

Rose? No, it’s egg masses from snails.

Have you ever seen a water lily pad? They’re actually snail eggs! Isn’t it beautiful? I was very excited because I didn’t know what it was, as it was my first time snorkeling on Amed beach.

2. Jemeleuk Bay

Jemeluk Bay has a beautiful black pebble beach with restaurants and loungers lined up along the shoreline. The bay is also the most photographed of all the beaches in Ameda. The best place to photograph is the cliff above it.

Snorkeling off the coast in Jemeluk Bay in Amed, Bali. Photo Credits : Here

There are many paid parking spaces at Depotrek or Warung Made, and you can get to the beach through the parking lot. Or, if you have a scooter, you can just park on the side of the road. Overlooking the sea, the best place to snorkel is on the right side, along the cliff.

Photo credit :

underwater temple of Jemeluk.

When I first went into the water, I really wanted to see the underwater temple and I was very disappointed with the visibility. It was very muddy because of the green stuff, and it was hard to see even a meter in front of me. After the temple, I dove down to the cliff, and there the water became clear, as if a whole new world had opened up before my eyes.

Besides the underwater temple, you can also see a beautiful garden of leaf corals while snorkeling in Gemeluk Bay. Along the cliff is a garden. For me, this is the most beautiful place in Jemeluk Bay for snorkeling.

Here I also saw someone swim 5 meters, stop and stand right on the amazing coral, swim and stop again and stand on the coral!

How can you admire something so beautiful and walk through it the next second? It doesn’t make any sense!

Use a flotation device if you are not a good swimmer!

Beautiful coral garden in Jemeluk Bay in Amed.

3. Lipa beach

We didn’t know where to park the car, so we went to the lido in Vienna. We said we were going to have lunch and they didn’t mind, so we sat on the lounge chairs by the pool next to the restaurant.

I was swept away by the sea at the resort and sniffed to the west. Unfortunately, on the day we sniffed Lipa beach, a thick layer of an oil-like substance appeared on half the beach and covered the surface of the water. I didn’t get to enjoy and explore much. Too bad, because many seem to have Lipa beach as their favorite dive spot in Ameda.

Since we arrived at the coast of Amed, this is the first time we have seen so much floating debris at sea!

Snorkeling at Lipa beach in Ameda.

diving school with octopus at Lipa beach in Amed.

What is that swimming on the water surface at Lipa beach?

4. Selang beach

Selang Beach is a small beach with Good Karma bungalows occupying the entire beach. We stayed here for a few nights and spent most of our time on the beach. If you want to snorkel here, I think the obvious thing to say is to have a drink at the restaurant, but we also recommend eating here.

Personally, we don’t think it’s worth coming to Selang Beach primarily for the diving, but why not if you’re passing through and can kill time.

The sand of Selang beach in Amed looks like a mustard seed, while at Jemeluk bay the sand is black pebbles, at Ibus beach the sand is fine and white.

Mirabelle, confident diver as young as 3.5 years old.

Snorkeling at Selang beach is not the best, but it is acceptable if you are a beginner. There are many fish and some interesting coral formations.

One morning, local fishermen brought in a shark that had become entangled in their fishing net. It was sad to see a local man tear the shark to pieces and throw it back into the sea.

This fish has two crab friends hanging from its eyes.

Bait at Selang Beach in Ameda.

5. Ibusa beach

Ibusa beach is the hidden gem of Ameda with its fine white and black sand and clear blue waters. We parked the car for free at the Stairway to Heaven and drove down the stairs to the beach where we found a shady spot. I carried the beach as far east as I could and sniffed to the west.

Warning. The sand here is so fine that it sticks out everywhere.

The snorkeling at Ibus beach was surprisingly good and, as you can see from the pictures, the visibility was good too! There were colored hard corals everywhere and the water was pretty shallow, so it was fun to look for small underwater creatures. I couldn’t find the slug, but I did see the slug’s egg mass again, and this time it was blue.

A whole bunch of human pollution on Ibus beach in Amed.

6. a shipwreck in Japan

We parked our car for free at Kavi Karma Beach Cottage and went to their restaurant, which everyone seems to do when they come here to dive. The wreck lies only a few meters from the beach. It is a rocky beach, and it is not always easy to get in or out of the water. Put on a pair of water shoes if you have them.

It was the first time we free-dived around a wreck, and despite its small size, it was spectacular. Visibility was very good and there was plenty of marine life to see. Since Ibus beach and this beach are right next to each other, you will find the same colorful hard corals.

Unknowing standing on a coral during a dive on a Japanese wreck at the coast of Amed.

EXTRA! Snorkeling in Tulamben

After Amed we spent one night in Tulamben because David wanted to dive to the wreck of the Liberty. He made two dives, the wreck of the USS Liberty and the coral garden, which he enjoyed. He recommends diving here if you are hesitant.

We stayed at the Matahari Tulamben Resort and dived there, but Tulamben is only 15 km from Amed beach, so we could do it in one day. I started snorkeling right in front of the restaurant and slowly made my way to the wreck of the USS Liberty, which was about 100 yards away. If you find it far away, you can walk along the shoreline and snorkel closer to the wreck. You can also park your scooter on the beach, right in front of a shipwreck.  The main diversion road is between Dive Vercia and Lunar Dive Resort.

I snorkeled late at night, when the sky was covered with dark clouds and visibility was not optimal, and there wasn’t much to see most of the time. However, during dinner we saw dolphins swimming right in front of our station! If you’re lucky, maybe you can swim with the dolphins?

beach where you can find wrecks and coral garden in Tulamben.

It seems that the instructor grabs his students by the ears.

Have fun snorkeling in Ameda, Bali!

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Does Amed Bali deserve a visit?

Is snorkeling on Bali a good thing?

Bali’s best beaches for snorkeling are in the east, northeast and west of the island. The sea here is calm and not far from shore there are vibrant coral reefs in shallow water, perfect conditions to explore the underwater world!

How much does it cost to dive in Bali?

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