A bad day in London is always better than a good day anywhere else, they say! There are so many interesting facts about London and many little curiosities around every corner. It could take us forever to find new questions about London to play at home or on Zoom. Instead, we’ve put together the 25 most important questions to test your knowledge of London and make you think – with lots of choices for answers to help you if you need them.

In our new London quiz, we’ve included some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, as well as film and music history, art and a bit of geography too. Grab your pen, paper and Union Jack hat (like Joey in Friends) and let’s play!

Photo cover: Anthony Kelly

25 London quizzes to test your knowledge

kids in london Revolutionary changing of the guard (Photo: Chris Wotipka)

The London quiz has 25 multiple-choice questions. Click on the link at the end of the quiz for the answers to the questions. Most importantly, if you get stuck, “stay calm and carry on”.

Let’s go!

1. Which popular Disney character was created at the London Zoo?

a) Dumbo the elephant)
Winnie the pooh
) Simba the lion.

2. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in London?

(a) 1 (b)
3 (c)

3. What is the name of the festival held in West London every August to celebrate Caribbean heritage, art and culture?

a) London Flower Festival
) Summer of Love Festival a
) Notting Hill Carnival

4. Which building in London near Trafalgar Square serves as Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter films?

(a) National Gallery)
Australia House (c
) Hotel Savoy.

5. The Wilton Music Hall in Whitechapel is the oldest surviving music hall in the world, but in what year was it built?

(a) 1743(b)
(c) 1943(c)

london quiz questions The famous Wilton (Photo: Raffi Uredjian).

6. London has hosted the modern Olympics more than any other city. True or false?

7. Probably the easiest of our London quiz questions! What does the abbreviation TFL stand for?

a) Travel to London b)
Trade to London c)
Transportation to London

Adele, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash went to the same performing arts school in London. What was her name?

a) British School b
) School of Arts Education c)

9. Which London Underground station has entrances on both sides of the Thames?

a) Victoriab)
) Blackfriars

10. Paul and Linda Paul McCartney and John and Christine Fleetwood Mac met in that infamous Soho nightclub in the 1960s. It was also there that Jimi Hendrix gave his first concert in London. Today it is a private club, but what was the club called back then?

(a) La Taverne
) Bag O’ Nails)
Le Salon du Jazz.

11. The road to which Royal marks the end of the London Marathon?

a) Buckingham Palace
) Houses of Parliament)
Marble Arch

12. These may be trivial questions about London, but which American entertainer was born in the London Underground?

(a) Jerry Springerb)
Ryan Seacrestk)
Conan O’Brien.

13. Name the famous Centre for Dance and Performing Arts, located on Rosemary Avenue, Islington, North London.

(a) Islington Academy
) Sadler’s Wells Theatre


best restaurants near sadlers wells London’s art scene is enviable (photo: Peter Foreman).

14. What is the largest theater in London’s West End?

(a) Palladiumumb
) Apollo Victoria Theatre
) Palace.

15 Before the Covid 19 pandemic, Agatha Christie’s enigmatic play The Mousetrap was performed continuously in London’s West End – for how many years?

a) 58 years asb)
37 years asb)
17 years

16. Which metro line takes you to Epping Forest, London’s largest public space?

a) North line
) Victoria line)
Central line

buses in essex old london bus Back in time in Essex (photo: Paul van der Hulks).

17. What was the name of London Heathrow Airport until it was renamed in 1966?

a) London Airport b) London
City Airport b) South England Airport, London

18. Which “city” of London is the main setting for the iconic British film The Snail and I?

a) Kentish Towne)
Acton Towne
) Camden Towne

19. It is known that Quentin Tarantino visits this independent cinema whenever he is in London and he always sits in the front row. What is the name of the cinema?

a) Prince Charlesb)
Queen Victoriaac)
Screen of the Queen on green background.

20. Name the skeleton of the Diplodocus that was on display at the Natural History Museum in London from 1905 to 2017 (before it became the subject of an excursion to other parts of the United Kingdom).

a) Andib
) Baby c)

21. Which song about London is the oldest?

a) “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks (67)
b) “London Girls” by Tori Amos (96)
c) “London Calling The Clash” (79)

22. Which of the following Disney classics is not set in London?

(a) Peter Pan.
(b) Mary Poppins
. Robin Hood.

23. MI6 headquarters was blown up in two James Bond films (The World Is Not Enough and Skyfall) and then torn down in SPECTRE. The exterior used in the movies is actually a real MI6 building, which is quite safe because most of the building is underground. But how many floors does it go down?

(a) Seven floors..
. Five floors…
Three floors…

The Savoy Hotel is home to the oldest cocktail bar in London. What’s it called?

a) American
Barba) Manchester Lounge)
Brighton Room.

25. How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace?

(a) 378 (b)
562 (c)

That’s it! How did you answer the questions in our London quiz? Did you find your London call or meet your Waterloo?

Click HERE for answers to our questions on the London quiz


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