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When you travel as a woman, there are certain things you have to consider as basic needs. These are things that can be useful for men, but they should definitely have travel accessories for women.

When travelling abroad for the first time, there are some obvious things you will need, but there are also things that will simply help you travel more comfortably.

These special accessories for women, let’s hope your journey will be a little smoother and offer you comfort and safety.

Must have travel accessories for women

Packing blocks

Every traveler should invest in a dice game. These dice will keep your clothes in order. I like putting things together and the color coding allows me to quickly find what I need without having to tear the bag.

Luggage belt

It can be difficult to carry more than one bag. These baggage straps save you from the fear of juggling or hastily dropping your luggage.

Holders of travel documents

When you travel abroad, you must leave all your travel documents intact.

This travel bag is suitable for your family, passport, tickets and all other travel documents that you need to see quickly.

Shampoo and air conditioning wall

When it comes to traveling with shampoo, I’m only telling you to avoid liquids. Shampoo bars are a great alternative because they are forever and they won’t sneak into your luggage! We love this shampoo bar, which comes in a handy tin box for travelling!

Ignition lamps

Lighting a fire is more than just reading books. You can save documents, send emails, watch movies, and play games. They are light and easy to pack.

Backpack for day trips

The best bag for all your travel equipment to visit all the sights is a backpack, so you have your hands free. Choose a product that is both lightweight and burglary resistant. We think the Travelon Active Tour bag is just right for women.

Travel dust

An item you may not need until you need it is a travel pack. Travel towels are suitable for many things. You can use it for a trip to the beach, a visit to the spa or even if you have to spend the night at the airport because of an unexpected stopover.

Choose from microfibres and light weights. We love this travel towel, which you can put in a handy bag (it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage!).

Suspended toiletry bag

Do yourself a favor and buy a toiletry bag that you can hang up instead of sitting on the sink. Storage space is very valuable, and with a bag that can be attached to a towel rack, you have all the necessary stuff at hand without having to worry.


Bring a scarf that can be used in different ways. The scarf can be worn bare shoulders so that the clothing is accepted at the entrance to the church. You can tie the scarf around your waist and make a sarong when you go to the beach. Once the fabric is attached, you can use it as a blanket.

Crossbottom bag

There will be times when you don’t have to carry a backpack, but still have to make sure you have what you need. Use a small bag with a cross in which you can travel safely.

Our choice was the Travelon Heritage Crossbody wallet, which is an anti-theft device. It has a pocket with an RFID lock and is slot tight!

These are just 10 of our top street accessories for women! Of course there are other things we think all travelers should take with them, but these are exactly the things women should have!

What about you? Do you have anything that women should take with them when they go abroad?

Let us know what you think.

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